HPRT Unveils Groundbreaking Additive Manufacturing Equipment at TCT Asia 2024

2024-05-08 15:17

As the global manufacturing industry rapidly evolves, 3D printing technology is increasingly transforming traditional manufacturing methods. With its unique additive manufacturing capabilities, 3D printing enables the rapid creation of complex structures, boosts production efficiency, and expands the possibilities for innovative design.

Over the years, 3D printing has evolved from its initial focus on polymer materials to embrace a diverse, high-performance, and intelligent trajectory.

We, Xiamen HanYin Co., Ltd., a global leader in printer equipment sales, are showcasing several new additive manufacturing equipment products at TCT Asia 2024, the Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Exhibition, injecting new vitality into the industry's development.

New Arrivals

1. SJF-P380 Industrial-Grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment

SJF P380 Industrial Additive Manufacturing Equipment.png

At the TCT Asia 2024, we are excited to announce the launch of our SJF-P380, the first 3D printer to incorporate our proprietary Selective Jet Fusion (SJF) technology, developed in-house at HPRT.

As one of HPRT's proprietary technologies, Selective Jet Fusion is an emerging technique that utilizes a high-polymer powder bed. 

This process involves adding photosensitive and thermosensitive initiators to promote the localized sintering of the powder, thereby facilitating the fabrication of parts layer by layer. This technology marks a significant advancement in the field of additive manufacturing.

The SJF-P380 leverages advanced single-solution molding technology combined with real-time closed-loop temperature control and droplet detection technology. This integration allows us to deliver high-efficiency and high-precision batch 3D printing, setting new standards in the industry.

Various 3D printed products by the SJF P380.png

The equipment is equipped with industrial-grade ceramic nozzles to ensure stability and durability during the printing process. It also features real-time remote monitoring capabilities, significantly enhancing production efficiency and print quality.

2. LCD-L228 Commercial-Grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment

LCD L228 Commercial Additive Manufacturing Equipment.png

The LCD 3D Printer LCD-L228 is a commercial-grade additive manufacturing machine known for its rapid printing speeds and modular design. Utilizing LCD (selective area light transmission technology) along with an efficient light source and a COB light source + Fresnel lens design ensures precise and efficient printing.

Based on this, we offer extensive customization options for the LCD-L228, allowing for adaptations based on client needs and modular designs to fit various application scenarios.

3. SLM-S480 Industrial-Grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment

SLM S480 Industrial Additive Manufacturing Equipment.png

The SLM 3D printer SLM-S480 employs a multi-galvo printing strategy, supporting high-precision, efficient printing of various metal materials like stainless steel and aluminum alloys, providing more efficient solutions for the aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors.

It combines large-scale, small-batch printing capabilities and includes a built-in permanent filter, offering a one-stop solution.

4. DLP-D192 Industrial-Grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment

DLP D192 Industrial Additive Manufacturing Equipment.png

The DLP 3D Printer DLP-D192 uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, known for its superior precision and high-speed printing capabilities. It can be modularly designed and customized according to specific requirements.

Various models and figurines produced by LCD 3D printing.png

Through proprietary software developed by HPRT, users can achieve efficient printing. It supports multiple file formats and materials, adapting to medical, industrial, educational, and consumer product needs.

5. FDM Consumer-Grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment

HPRT FDM 3D printers.png

At this expo, we also introduced two consumer-grade additive manufacturing machines, the FDM-F110 and FDM-F210.

This FDM printer series is favored by individual users for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and features such as beginner-friendly modeling, silent operation, and intelligent modeling photography, making the FDM series particularly suitable for home use.

Both devices support various consumables, such as PLA and PETG, applicable for education, artistic design, and home use.

Powder Cleaning Process / Deep Dyeing Process

In addition to 3D printing equipment, we have also launched devices for 3D post-processing and dyeing at this expo, further enhancing the added value and market competitiveness of the products.

HPRT HAM PC800 automated powder cleaning equipment.png

The HAM-PC800 automated powder cleaning equipment offers efficient cleaning and refining capabilities, solving powder handling challenges for users.

HPRT HAM PD400 intelligent deep dyeing equipment.png

The HAM-PD400 intelligent deep dyeing equipment provides multi-color customization and high-precision dyeing functions, further expanding the application areas of 3D printed products.

Adhering to the values of "innovation, professionalism, and customer priority," we have made our debut in the 3D printing field at the Asian TCT exhibition by unveiling five industrial, commercial, and consumer-grade additive manufacturing new products, showcasing our cutting-edge technology and one-stop solutions in additive manufacturing.

at TCT Asia 2024.png

Additionally, as a professional team specializing in 3D printing services, we have launched the HPRT 3D Printing Service, offering clients a one-stop solution from design to production. 

Equipped with advanced 3D printing equipment and a professional technical team, we are committed to providing high-quality, efficient 3D printing services and personalized solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

From May 7 to May 9 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, we will continue to display our new additive manufacturing products at booth 7Q50 in Hall 7.1. We invite industry professionals to visit and discuss the future trends of 3D printing with us.

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