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Intelligent Deep Dyeing Treatment Equipment HAM-PD400

1.Deep Dyeing Technology

Provides a variety of Pantone color options and uses deep dyeing technology to make the parts more dyed, the surface more uniform, and the color fastness higher.

2.All-in-one Operating System

The fully-automatic dyeing and cleaning integrated operation system enables a safe and hygienic working environment, flexible use of colors and quick color change.

3.Intelligent Recognition of Color Usage

Dyeing cartridges use chip encryption technology to match customer-selected colors and part materials and sizes.

4.High Precision of Coloring

Dyeing completed with high precision.

5.Support Multi-color Customization

Supports customization, such as light sources of different wavelengths, consumables, printing formats, etc. can be assisted in selecting.

TechnologyLiquid Immersion Dyeing
Total Equipment Footprint2000×1210×2000mm(L×W×H)
Single Processing Capacity1 unit of HPRT SJF-P380
or 1 unit of HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200,
or 1 unit of EOS P396,
or 1.5 units of Stratasys H350
Complete construction space
Effective Processing VolumeΦ400×390 mm
Single Processing Time10~20 min
Device Weight500 KG
Operating TemperatureMax. 115℃
Air Compressing Requirements7bar
Air ConsumptionMax. 1.5 m³ (single)
Dye Box SizeS,M,L,XL
Supported Printing TechnologySJF,SLS,SAF,MJF,HSS
Supported MaterialNylon
Supply VoltageAC 380 V
Power Wastage10 KW


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