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Industrial-grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment DLP-D192

1. Self-developed Software

Self-developed Software, high precision molded parts, can be used to make precision prototype parts.

2. Fast Printing Speed

Realize one-stop solution from design to final product (design, printing, post-processing).

3. Modularization Design

Modularization Design, you can choose the printing room constant temperature module, automatic feeding module, pressure sensor module, etc. according to your needs.

4. Support Customization

Support customization, such as different wavelengths of light sources, consumables, printing formats, etc. can be selected

Molding PrincipleDLP (Digital Light Processing)
CategoryIndustrial Grade
Optical Chip0.66"/0.47"
Light Source Wavelength Range385nm/405 nm
Printing Layer Thickness0.01~0.2 mm
XY Printing Accuracy50 μm
Printing Format192×108×300 mm(L×W×H)
Printing Speed80-120 mm/h
Touchscreen10.1" (Flippable)
Dimension650×554×1770 mm(L×W×H)
WeightApprox. 135 kg (Floor Standing)
MotherboardEmbedded Industrial Motherboard
Operating SystemWindows 10
Power Supply MethodAC 220 V
Heating SystemAutomatic Heating to 40°C (Optional)
Supported MaterialsPhotosensitive Resin
Supported File FormatsSTL、OBJ、SLC


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