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Industrial-grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment SLM-S480(Metal 3D Printer)

1.Multi-oscillator Printing Strategy

The multi-vibrator printing strategy based on the region differentiation method ensures high dimensional accuracy and better densities at the splices.

2.High Precision of Molded Parts

Complete closed-loop inspection system, high precision molded parts, can be used to make precision prototype parts.

3.Support Large-size Models and Small-batch Customization

Large molding size, especially suitable for single large parts or small quantities of functional parts custom manufacturing.

4.Permanent Cartridge

Realize one-stop solution from design to final product (design, printing, post-processing).

5.One-stop Solution

The use of permanent cartridges reduces the number of cartridge replacements in the atmosphere system; powder inerting greatly improves the safety performance of the whole machine.

Machine ParametersMolding Space480×480×550 mm (Substrate Included)
Equipment Size4600×3060×2850 mm (L×W×H)
WeightUnloaded approx. 6 t
SoftwareWindows 10
Power SupplyAC 380 V, 50 A
Molding Speed80 cm³/h
Data InterfaceSTL、OBJ、SLC
Moldable MaterialsStainless steel, aluminum alloy, abrasive steel
LaserLaser TypeContinuous Fiber Laser
Laser Wavelength1080 nm
Number of LasersQuad Laser (4×500 w)
Optical ScanMaximum Scanning Speed5 m/s
Spot Diameter73 μm
Powder SpreadingPowder Layer Thickness0.02~0.12 mm
Powder Spreading FormSpatula spreads powder in both directions
Maximum Preheating Temperature200℃
Safety ProtectionMinimum Oxygen Content≤100 ppm
Protective GasN2/Ar
Atmospheric SystemHighly efficient protective gas circulation system


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