Industry Discussion | HPRT Successfully Hosts Label Printing Summit Seminar

2024-05-24 14:07

Recently, HPRT successfully hosted the Label Printing Summit Seminar at the prestigious Xiamen Tianyuan Hotel. The seminar brought together representatives from various industries across Fujian Province, China, who had the opportunity to experience firsthand the applications of HPRT’s diverse range of products.

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HPRT Barcode Label Printers in Smart Manufacturing

During the seminar, the convenience of HPRT label printers in smart manufacturing was highlighted. With the maturation and widespread adoption of barcode and RFID technologies, barcode printers now deliver fast and high-quality printing. 

Manufacturing units utilize barcodes or RFID tags to achieve full-chain closed-loop management across various stages such as material procurement, production, warehousing, shipping, transportation, and after-sales service. Serving as the execution end of smart manufacturing, barcode printers provide the most reliable data source for enterprises' data collection needs.

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HPRT Industrial Barcode Printers

HPRT's industrial barcode printers are specifically designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Their robust and durable performance, coupled with forward-thinking adaptability, has won HPRT a loyal customer base.

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IDPRT iK4 industrial barcode printer.png

Our flagship industrial barcode printer, the iK4, stands out with its exceptional performance, capable of stable full-page content output on 3mm x 3mm labels, ensuring the clarity of intricate fonts and accurate printing of even the smallest details. 

The iK4 operates continuously 24/7 and has achieved a breakthrough in ZPL language compatibility. In the current economically competitive landscape, the iK4 is the optimal choice for businesses aiming to reduce costs while ensuring quality.

high resolution printing by the iK4.png

To ensure label printing accuracy, HPRT has integrated OCR online inspection and verification functionality into the iK4 model. HPRT barcode printer with verifier enables a process of simultaneous printing, scanning, and verification, significantly reducing the incidence of erroneous labels. This method enhances the consistency and traceability of product identification.

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Accurate data identification is crucial in industries such as automotive parts, 3C (computers, communications, consumer electronics), UDI (unique device identification), chips, and logistics e-commerce, as it directly impacts supply chain management, inventory tracking, and customer satisfaction.

Through our advanced technology, HPRT not only enhances the value of our products but also provides robust data support to enterprises in these sectors, aiding them in achieving more efficient operations and superior customer service.

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HPRT Automatic Printing and Labeling Machine

As production lines increasingly control labor costs, HPRT has introduced an automatic printing and labeling machine featuring 600dpi high-precision printing and various robotic arm options. 

This machine demonstrates excellent performance in automated production lines, offering outstanding cost-effectiveness. With its remarkable value, HPRT’s labeling machine has gained widespread recognition, and we believe it will soon become a shining example of China-produced excellence in its category.

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The Label Printing Summit Seminar concluded successfully, with HPRT gathering valuable feedback from users across different industries. As a strong force in China’s barcode printer market, HPRT is committed to its mission of becoming a global leader in the printing industry. We will continue to improve and innovate, striving to contribute to the automation, intelligence, and networking of data input and information output across major industries.

If you want to learn more about the products mentioned above and obtain pricing information, feel free to contact us.

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