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Industrial-grade Additive Manufacturing Equipment SJF-P380

1. Single Agent Molding Technology

Apply single solution to realize precise fusion and sintering, reducing the variety of inkjet agent; apply variable droplet technology and selective fusion to precisely control the finished product quality.

2. Close-loop Temperature Control

Precise temperature control based on AI-Image-Diagnostic-System to reduce the deformation of molded parts.

3. Ink Drop Detection

Accurate real-time online inkjet inspection with Online-Repair to reduce printing risk.

4. Real-time Remote Monitoring

Data interconnection for real-time remote monitoring. Rapid prototyping for batch manufacturing.

5. Industrial-grade Ceramic Nozzle

Industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic printhead, high precision, maintenance-free for long time use.

6. Complete Post-printing Process

Perfect Post-Processing realizes one-stop solution from design to final product. (Design, printing, post-processing, sandblasting, surface treatment)

TechnologySingle-agent molding technology selective jet fusion technology
Equipment Footprint2500×1400×1570mm (LxWxH)
Effective build size380×280×380mm (LxWxH)
Build speed3830 cm³/h
Full Cylinder Print Time11h
Layer thickness0.08mm (0.05mm-0.15mm)
Ratio of old to new powder2:8
Number of Printheadsfive
Print resolution1200 DPI
Equipment weight1350 KG
Network ConnectionLAN-TCP/IP
SoftwareHanin 3D Print Management, HaninSlicer
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Supported File FormatsSTL, OBJ, 3MF, VRML (V2.0)
Supported MaterialsPA12, TPU
Supply VoltageAC 380 V
Power Consumption20 KW


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