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Automated Powder Cleaning & Processing Equipment HAM-PC800

1.Totally Enclosed, Safe and Hygienic

Automatic sandblasting in a fully enclosed space to achieve a safe and hygienic working environment.

2.Power Cleaning/Refinement Double Process

Powder cleaning/refining dual process processing to improve parts processing accuracy and appearance.

3.Small Volume with Large Space

The product is small in size and has a large processing space. It can handle full-size molding operations in a single operation and has efficient process processing capabilities.

4.Recyclable Consumables

The system uses automatic powder spraying screening and separation components to realize the recycling of consumables, reducing the use of consumables and saving processing costs. The product adopts controllable powder spraying medium

5.Highly Automated Operations

The automatic adding system and the automatic detection function of screening anomalies realize the quality assurance of powder spraying media and highly automated operations of products.

6.Auto/Manual Dual Modes

The product has the function of manual sandblasting in a closed cavity, and can process various heterosexual parts according to needs.

TechnologyAutomatic Sandblasting Technology
Device Size2000×1210×2000mm(L×W×H)
Single Processing Capacity1.5 units of HPRT SJF-P380,
or 1.5 units of HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200
or 1 unit of EOS P396,
or 3 units of Stratasys H350
Complete construction space
Effective Processing Volume57 L
Single Processing Time10~20 min
Device Weight800 KG
Air Compressing Requirements7 bar
Air Consumption2.5 m³/min
Powder Spraying MediaQuartz Glasses, PS
Supported Printing TechnologySJF,SLS,SAF,MJF,HSS
Supported MaterialPA11,PA12,TPU
Supply VoltageAC 380 V
Power Wastage30 KW


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