2024 HPRT Supplier Conference: Forging a Premier Global Printing Ecosystem

2024-04-28 17:06

We recently gathered in the vibrant city of Xiamen for our HPRT Supplier Conference, themed "Harmony in Progress: Together Forward." Over a hundred of our valued suppliers joined us to forge the future of our 'HPRT Chain Ecosystem', co-create the 'HPRT Chain Value', and share in the 'HPRT Chain Future'.

Creating a Community of Shared Futures: Hand in Hand Towards Tomorrow

2024 HPRT Supplier Conference.png

At the HPRT Supplier Conference 2024.png

During the conference, our General Manager, Lin Jinyi, revealed our latest strides in label, digital textile, and photo printing technologies. 

He highlighted the significant achievements of the past year across various product lines including label printers, digital textile printers, and photo printers. Notably, we have launched several new products, actively expanded both domestic and international markets, and now boasts a presence in over 80 countries globally.

At the HPRT Supplier Conference.png

This year, HPRT continues to broaden its horizons and innovate technologically. To meet diverse market demands, multiple new printing equipment product lines have been launched to explore broader market opportunities.

At the HPRT Supplier 2024 Conference.png

Mr. Lin called on all partners to actively engage and trust in our joint efforts to innovate and lead globally. He advocated for a united front among our partners, emphasizing trust, integrity, and innovation as our pathway to mutual success. 

With a spirit brave in innovation, the goal is to elevate HPRT's quality to become a global leader in the printing industry, looking towards the future and stepping onto the world stage.

Strengthening Ties for Mutual Growth: Crafting Superior Quality Products

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The path to quality at HPRT is an ongoing journey. During the conference, the HPRT management team provided comprehensive insights into their procurement philosophy, quality standards, and supplier selection criteria. They also reported on the supplier cooperation for the year 2023. 

Through horizontal exchanges and vertical comparisons, they further optimized product quality, strengthened supply chain stability and agility, and empowered production and sales to create superior quality products.

Suppliers Visit HPRT Products.png

Deep integration, whole-part synergy, and multi-dimensional empowerment... Through this conference, supplier partners gained a clearer understanding of HPRT's strategic plans for 2024, cooperation philosophies, and quality requirements. 

Embracing a people-centered, quality-first approach, China's manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving from focusing merely on quantity to emphasizing quality. We invite all our partners to join us in a concerted effort to not only cultivate superior quality but also elevate our global brand together.

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