HPRT Cup: Pioneering National Digital Printing Skills Competition

2023-06-15 00:00

digital printing in the National Digital Printing Skills Competition

On June 10th, a unique vocational skills competition took place in Jinjiang City – the "National Trend Quanzhou" 2023 Jinjiang Textile and Clothing Industry "HPRT Cup" Digital Printing Color Adjustment Vocational Skills Competition. The event drew almost 30 competitors from companies such as Jiafu Dyeing and Finishing, Xiangxing, Honghan, Chuangjie, Huanuo, Hengrong, and others.

The goal of this competition is to deeply implement the "building an army of knowledgeable, skilled, and innovative workers" policy proposed by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, to promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmen. 

It aims to accelerate the cultivation and selection of highly skilled talents, promote the construction of skilled personnel, and promote energy conservation, emission reduction, and digital transformation in the textile and clothing industry.

Related Participants in the National Digital Printing Skills Competition

Related Participants in the National Digital Printing Skills Competition

The competition was guided by the Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and co-sponsored by the Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Jinjiang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jinjiang General Workers' Union, and the Quanzhou Professional Clothing Industry Co-development Alliance. It was undertaken by the Jinjiang Swimwear Industry Association, Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Vocational Skills Promotion Center, and Quanzhou Normal University College of Textiles and Clothing, with co-organization by the Jinjiang City Yinglin Town Enterprise and Social Organization Committee, Jinjiang Swimwear Industry Association Workers Union Committee, and Xiamen HPRT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Support was provided by the Printing Society, Aiseli (Shanghai) Color Technology Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Huanuo Printing Technology Co., Ltd., and Fujian Saikong Peacock New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

● New Aspects of Competition

The inaugural "HPRT Cup" Digital Printing Vocational Skills Competition

The inaugural HPRT Cup Digital Printing Vocational Skills Competition

As far as we know, this is the first national vocational skills competition for the digital printing industry. HPRT, as a leader in the domestic printing industry, has successfully developed the country's first digital printing equipment for finished garments using its core precision technology. This is a new technology that integrates green manufacturing, flexible customization, and intelligent manufacturing.

DA182T PLUS dye sublimation digital fabric printing machine as the competition printer

In recent years, the country has proposed higher energy-saving and emission reduction requirements for the textile and clothing industry, and the rapidly evolving digital printing technology is becoming a new trend in the industry's development.

To better meet the current needs of the textile and clothing industry for small batches, multiple varieties, quick responses, and flexible manufacturing, HPRT has launched a series of products including DTG printersroll-to-roll dye sublimation digital textile printers,hybrid digital textile printers, and roll-to-roll digital fabric printers. In this competition, HPRT also sponsored the DA182T PLUS dye sublimation digital fabric printing machine as the competition printer to ensure fair and impartial competition results.

● During the competition

Shi Fangfang secretary general of the association announcing the start of the competition

At nine o'clock in the morning, the competition was officially opened with a ceremony held by the Jinjiang Swimwear Association, presided over by the Association's Secretary-General Shi Fangfang.

Ms. Dong Shuxiu reading the rules of the competition

Ms. Dong Shuxiu, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, served as the chief judge of the competition. She read out the competition's content and requirements, score evaluation, competition rules, and other competition-related information. The competition assessed digital printing color adjusters' theoretical knowledge and equipment operation procedures, with appropriate additions of new knowledge, new technology, new equipment, and new process-related content.

theory test

actual operation

Judge Appraisal

After a day of intense competition, the first prize was finally awarded to Gou Linhan from Jinjiang Jupeng Printing Co., Ltd., who also won the "Jinjiang May 1st Labor Medal" and was named "Jinjiang Technical Expert". 

awarding first prize

The second prizes went to Huang Jialing from Fujian Xiangxing Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Hu Minqiang from Quanzhou A'ersha Textile Co., Ltd., who were also named "Jinjiang Technical Experts". The third prizes were won by Lin Yangcai from Jiafu (Fujian) Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd., Pu Rui from Fujian Hengrong Textile Co., Ltd., and Peng Liang from Jinjiang Hexin Weaving Co., Ltd.

2nd prize awarding

3rd prize awarding

Gou Linhan, the first-prize winner, said in a post-competition interview that participating in this competition allowed him to better understand the application and development direction of digital printing technology and appreciate the skills and knowledge he possesses.

Post match interview with first prize winners

● Accelerate Personnel Training, Driving Digital Transformation

Contestants taking a group photo

The successful hosting of this competition not only built a platform for exchange and learning in the digital printing industry but also further deepened the integration of training, practicing, competing, promotion, and motivation. It reinforced the professional knowledge and skills of print workers, showcased their solid basic skills, good business literacy, and professional demeanor, and effectively raised the skill level of the digital printing industry.

The competition also provided talent support for promoting innovation in the digital printing industry. In the future, HPRT will actively participate in improving the education system and skill competition system of the digital printing industry, providing strong talent support for industrial innovation and digital transformation. At the same time, it will also actively promote the digital economy to better empower the real economy and promote high-quality development.

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