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Hybrid Digital Textile Printer

High-Volume Hybrid Digital Textile Printer - HPRT DA066M Series

Industrial print heads, print speed up to 350pcs/h

Combining technology with industry scenarios, DA066M high-volume hybrid digital textile printer integrates efficient production and high combinability into product innovation, helping to explore innovative modes of fashion design and production.

High quality presentation : Core technology for excellent quality

Upgrades in ink drop control, printing detection, ink arrangement and fabric control, etc., comprehensively improve the expressiveness of delicate pattern images, with four ink options such as acid, reactive, disperse, and pigment, making digital printing more applicable, the effect better.

High productivity: achieve efficient production

DA066M series high-volume hybrid digital textile printer combines the advantages of high productivity of oval machine and easy digital direct printing, no plate making needed with short printing cycle; makes full use of the advantages of oval machines’ multi-station to realize free combination of various processes in one machine to complete, freeing you from productivity worry.

High portfolio guarantee : More flexible operation

The flexible process and strong combination capability enables the users to freely combine screen printing with the digital printing, with the white digital printing, and the color digital printing, etc. according to the different requirements, and complete the multi-color printing at one time without affecting the productivity.

User-friendly features: Easy to maintain

The overall function is improved from the details to realize the equipment intelligence, automation and industrialization. For example, the secondary ink supply system, the intelligent drying system, the intelligent lack-of-ink alarm system, a new intelligent print head cleaning system and moisturizing device, etc., all make the equipment operation more simple and convenient.

ModelDA066M ( Color digital: DA066MC| White digital: DA066MW)
NameHigh-volume Hybrid Digital Textile printer
print headColor digital|Kyocera print heads, 6H; White digital|Dimatix print heads, 4H
Maximum print width (Flatbed:mm)600*900(According to Oval flatbed)
Screen Plate Correction SystemAutomatic screen system (Optional Visual Alignment System)
(Multiple Modes available)
High speed mode @600*600DPI|1pass
General Mode @600*1200DPI|2pass
Quality mode @600*1800DPI|3pass
Print speed(piece/hr)350 @A4 size( dark fabric)
Ink TypePigment Ink
Ink ColorC, M, Y, K, R, G, W
Print MediaCotton, polyester, polyester cotton, Lycra, rayon, silk, leather, denim, flax,wool, elastic fabrics and new fibers
Supported Image TypeJPG/TIFF/BMP/Other
RIP SystemHPRT DTG RIP(dedicated hybrid digital printer)
Dimensions: L*W*H (mm)3000*2200*1835
Weight (kg)1100
Power Consumption (Kw)Printer≦5KW
Power SupplyPrinter: AC380V| three-phase five wire system|10A(5KW) |50Hz/60Hz
Compressed Air Supply0.6MPa|1m³/hr (Dry, no oil or water vapor)
Operating Temperature20~30℃
Operating Humidity55%-75% (Non-condensing)
Drying OptionTunnel Oven
CertificationOEKO-TEX AATCC,CE


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