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High-Speed DTG (Direct to Garment) Printer

High-volume Direct to Garment Digital Textile Printer - HPRT DA067D Series

Kyocera industrial print heads, print speed up to 160pcs/h

High-volume Direct to Garment Digital Textile Printer solves the problem of personalized customization, with its upgraded equipment and UHD printing effect as well as the precision technology to meet the diversified printing needs of the end users.

Personalized printing solutions for pattern customization

DA067D supports mass printing of T-shirts, canvas bags, shoes and hats, etc. All kinds of materials such as cotton, denim and canvas can be applied, fully meeting the diversified printing needs of end users. One piece can also be customized, which is ideal for personalization, printing and dyeing garment factories and other users.

One stop design, industrial high productivity

Through a unique one-stop design, DA067D Digital Textile Printer can complete the whole process from the pretreatment to printing, which frees the pretreatment process and improve the productivity and production efficiency.

Digital direct printing market appears no fresh things; only high quality can be seen as one in a million

Unique ink-supply system design is suitable for multi-class ink of different medium, which can extend the life of the printhead, and at the same time enable more accurate printing pattern and color rendering. No matter how many factory production batches there are, it can maintain high-quality printing output.

Easy to operate and maintain operation and maintenance

Modular design: the printing plate system, the motion control system, the printing system, the ink supply system, the pneumatic system, the ink and other maintenance management systems are all in modular design, which can be quickly replaced and maintained; the integrated application of intelligent cleaning and moisturizing systems for the inkjet print head and makes operation and maintenance more convenient.


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