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High-Speed Roll-TO-Roll Digital Fabric Printer

High-Speed Conveying-Belt Direct to Fabric Digital Textile Printer - HPRT DA188S Series

32 Kyocera industrial print heads, print speed up to 1080㎡/h

The high efficiency, low cost and high precision create the excellent printing quality. The ultra-high cost-effective performance meets the demand of fast printing and high end customized design.

High speed and stable performance: race against time to increase the productivity

DA188S roll-to-roll printer adopts industrial high-speed Kyocera inkjet print head, and maximizes the inkjet print head productivity through the special combination and the control system, which enables you to fulfill the massive orders easily.

High-definition printing: Superb Imaging is Everything

Through the unique driver design and ink supply system design, DA188S series roll to roll inkjet textile printer can use various ink such as acid ink, reactive ink, high temperature disperse ink, water-based pigment ink , etc., making the print details clear, realistic and evocative.

Cost-saving by Intelligence: Energy-efficient Design, Ingenuity Hided Everywhere

The design of automatic print head cleaning system, the moisturizing system as well as the automatic conveying-belt cleaning and maintenance system make the operation and maintenance easy, guarantee the equipment efficiency, and get it possible for only one person to operate the machine.

NameHigh-speed Conveying-belt Direct to Fabric Digital Textile Printer
Print HeadKyocera Print Heads 32H
Max. Print Width (mm)1850
Max. Cloth Width (mm)1900
Maximum Allowable Roll Diameter of
Rewinding Cloth Feed Holder (mm)
Maximum Allowable Weight of
Rewinding Cloth Feed Holder (kg)
Maximum Allowable Roll Diameter of
External Cloth Feed Holder A (mm)
Φ1600 (Optional External Fabric Feeder)
Printing Speed(㎡/hr)
(Multiple modes available)
High speed mode 1 @508*600DPI|1pass:1080
High speed mode 2 @600*600DPI|1pass:900
General mode 1 @508*1200DPI|2pass:540
General mode 2 @600*1200DPI|2pass:450
Quality mode @600*1800DPI|3pass:300
High precision mode @600*2400DPI|4pass:225
Ink TypeReactive ink, acid ink, pigment ink, disperse ink,high temperature disperse ink
Ink ColorC, M, Y, K, O, B, R, Lk, Lm, Lc, FM, FY
Print MediumCotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, blended, elastic fabrics and new fiber woven and knitted fabrics
Supported Image TypeJPG/TIFF/BMP/Other
RIP SystemHPRT PRINT,Neostampa (Optional)
Dimensions: L*W*H (mm)4680*2200*2000
Weight (kg)4000
Power Consumption (Kw)Printer≦10
Power SupplyPrinter: AC380V| three-phase five wire system|20A(40KW)|50Hz/60Hz
Compressed Air Supply0.6MPa|1m³/hr (Dry, no oil or water vapor)
Operating Temperature20~30℃
Operating Humidity45%-70% (Non-condensing)
Drying OptionElectric heating/steam heating/natural gas heating and other drying rooms


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