RosUpack 2024: HPRT Showcases Cutting-Edge TTO Printers and Labeling Solutions

2024-06-19 17:12

RosUpack 2024, the 28th International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry, is currently a major event in the packaging sector. HPRT, a leading Chinese provider of coding and labeling solutions, is excited to participate in this prestigious event. We warmly welcome you to visit the HPRT booth at B1025, Pavilion 2, Hall 8. 

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We will showcase a comprehensive range of packaging and labeling products, including high-quality TTO printers, automatic labeling machines, industrial barcode printers, and laser printers. 

About RosUpack 2024

This annual exhibition is taking place from June 18 to June 21, 2024, at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

RosUpack is the largest packaging industry exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe. It brings together leading manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts from around the world. This year, the event features:

● 30,474 unique visitors

● 746 exhibitors

● 9 exhibition sectors

● 139 speakers

HPRT Packaging and Labeling Solutions

HPRT innovative solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of the packaging industry, and we are confident that our offerings will significantly enhance operational efficiency and product traceability. Below are typical cases of our products.

Case Study: HPRT Automatic Batch Coding Machines in Food Flexible Packaging

The Russian batch coding machine market is witnessing rapid growth, particularly within the food packaging sector. The demand for precise and efficient coding and marking solutions is higher than ever. 

Our batch coders deliver clear and long-lasting expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes, and other critical information, in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Now, HPRT TTO printer products have been extensively utilized for batch coding on flexible films and pouches in various food applications across Russia, including fast food, confectionery, snacks, grains, and cured meats.

Case Study 1: HPRT FC32 TTO Printer Coding on Flexible Films 

The HPRT FC32 TTO printer, known for its stable performance and high-quality print, has successfully replaced products from a leading global supplier of marking solutions.

HPRT FC32 TTO printer.png

It is now utilized in the food packaging production line of a Fortune Global 500 company in Russia, delivering accurate date coding in batch on flexible films.

Case Study 2: HPRT FC53 TTO Printer Provides Complex Coding

A renowned Russian pizza chain has adopted the HPRT FC53 TTO printer to print ingredient lists and real-time dates on transparent packaging pouches and bags.

HPRT FC53 coding effect.png

This TTO printer offers a max printing width of 53mm and a resolution of 300 dpi. It’s suitable for complex and challenging coding tasks, such as product names, nutrition facts, company details, high-density QR codes, and DM codes. 

Additionally, it supports multiple languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish, allowing for flexible adaptation to international markets.

Case Study 3: HPRT DC24A-E TTO Printer Coding on Food Packaging Films 

The HPRT DC24A-E smart date coder is a cost-effective and efficient coding solution, ideal for simple coding tasks such as dates, times, batch numbers, and food traceability codes. 

The images below demonstrate the crisp and clear coding achieved by various Russian companies using this product, including a renowned sausage brand, a well-known pasta producer, and a major Russian trading company.

HPRT DC24A E coding effects.png

HPRT's major TTO printers, including the FC53, FC32, and DC24 series, seamlessly integrate with food production lines. These coding machines work flawlessly with equipment like pillow packaging machines, vertical form-fill-seal machines, labelers, bag feeders, and fillers, delivering high-quality printing every time.

Case Study: HPRT Automatic Labeling Machines in Fruit and Vegetable Industry

The newly launched automatic printing and labeling machine PA431L by HPRT has quickly gained popularity among users. A well-known brand in the Russian fruit and vegetable industry ordered multiple units of the PA431L.

In late May, these labeling machines arrived in Russia. By June 18th, they were successfully installed and put into production on the client's assembly line.

PA431L is used for labeling turnover cartons and boxes, achieving print-and-apply functionality, reducing costs, and improving turnover efficiency. 

The HPRT automatic labeling solution replaced the manual printing and labeling workflow, enhancing production efficiency and reducing the high costs associated with human errors. This also increased the productivity of the assembly line around the clock.

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Currently, the RosUpack 2024 is in full swing. Join HPRT booth and engage with our business experts on product coding and labeling solutions.

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