The 20th CHINASHOP retail expo

2019-05-29 00:00

The 20th China retail expo (CHINASHOP 2018) opened in Kunming Dianchi international convention and exhibition center at 9:00 am, Nov 1, 2018. Xiamen Hanin electronic technology co., LTD., a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the field of thermal printing and providing customers with complete printing solutions integrating development, production and sales services, was honored to participate in this exhibition and was ready to welcome guests at home and abroad to visit and guide at booth no. 10023 in hall N10.


In this retail exhibition, Hanin brought 40 kinds of products, which would be displayed for three days to show our presence. A special model of live demonstration was given to promote the guests’ understanding of the Hanin printers. As a well-known printer brand at home and abroad, Hanin printers has been used in catering, retail, logistics, medical treatment and other aspects, and has entered people's life. We sincerely help supermarkets and consumers to improve the bad effects caused by printing problems.


The series of products in this exhibition were: Receipt printers, label printers, Mobile printers and so on. Different fields correspond with different products, Hanin specially provided dedicated models for different fields. And we can also provide perfect printing solutions according to the needs of customers, so as to solve other problems caused by the special environment for printers, so that printers can be better to serve customers.



In this exhibition, Hanin showed the exclusive printing power to each guest! 58 mm automatically take-out orders receipt printer - TP582C, four inches label/Invoice cloud printer – Cloud 100, shipping label printer - LPQ58, mobile printer - HM300 - M3, kitchen dedicated printer - KP806PLUS and so on excellent products. We also set up a special cloud printing area at the scene, hid the prizes within the labels, and the hundreds of prizes for the exhibition had been wholly presented. We hope to convey the products and culture of Hanin to more people through this activity.



Untill the afternoon of November 3, the 20th China retail fair (CHINASHOP 2018) would come to a successful conclusion. Hanin has received thousands of guests, demonstrated hundreds of times of models, printed labels and receipts for more than 300 pieces in this short three days. Each of the visitors came to this exhibition has maintained a positive attitude of our products, and we always maintained a hundred percent of patience for each guest, carefully answered every question, and strived to convey the printing culture and corporate philosophy of Hanin to each of the exhibitors.


Next year, we will also convey the products and culture of Hanin to you at the retail exhibition. Let's meet next time in CHINASHOP -- Qingdao in 2019. See you then.

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