Harvest and Expectation|HPRT won the 2021 China Computer Industry Development Achievement Award!

2022-07-18 00:00

On September 28, the 2021 China Computer Innovation Congress & China Computer Industry Development Achievement Award Ceremony were successfully held in Beijing. This conference focuses on technology application innovation, IT industry construction, information security, etc, and discusses the path of innovation and development of China's computer industry. Many government leaders, scholars, experts, and business executives were invited to share the latest industrial policies, innovation achievements, and cutting-edge insights.

2021 China Computer Innovation Congress & China Computer Industry Development Achievement Award Ceremony

In the ceremony, HPRT, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, production, sales, and service of printing products, won the 2021 China Computer Industry Thermal Printer Achievement Award.

HPRT won the 2021 China Computer Industry Thermal Printer Achievement Award

What is the Industry Development Achievement Award?

The "Industry Development Achievement Award" aims to encourage successful enterprises that pioneered and innovated industrial development. It is also set up to further promote the healthy and orderly development of the China information industry.

2021 China Computer Industry Achievement Award Ceremony

To ensure the openness, fairness, and justice of the award selection, enterprises need to be evaluated by the China Computer Industry Association Secretariat, expert evaluation, and the Standing Council. Being awarded fully affirms the contribution of HPRT in the innovation and promoting the steady development of the printer industry.

HPRT was founded in 2004 and started from the core component of IoT terminal equipment – the thermal printer mechanism. At that time, foreign brands have a long-term technology monopoly on the printing industry. But the first product of HPRT, a thermal printer mechanism for receipts printing, broke the foreign patent blockade and realized industrialization.

After nearly 17 years of development and technology accumulation, HPRT has mastered the development technology of printers from printer mechanism to complete printer machine, from commercial to civilian, from portable to industrial, from monochrome to color, and from traditional printing to intelligent printing. One step at a time, we made efforts to fill the relevant gaps in the printing industry in China.

HPRT is grateful for the recognition and support of the industry. This award is also an incentive. HPRT will turn the honor into future expectations and motivation. We will develop more innovative products, and strive to be better.

Industry event, talk about the future

the Printer Special Committee and representatives from the printing industry gathered together to discuss and share industrial policies and trends.

HPRT representatives analyzed and explored the hotpots of the thermal transfer printer industry at the meeting. At the same time, in the face of the information technology application and the challenges posed by the epidemic, HPRT will practice the mission of "making printing easier and life more exciting", and provide users and partners with safe, reliable, and localized printing solutions and services.

Chinese HPRT, forge ahead!

Innovation is the driving force behind HPRT. In special printers, HPRT not only polishes its printing products but learns the cutting-edge technologies and embraces advanced product design concepts of the global industry.

In the future, HPRT will follow the market opportunities and further enhance its independent innovation ability. We will take technology as the core and user demand as the orientation, to promote the market competitiveness of our products. Combining our capabilities and available resources, we will seize the coming development opportunities, cultivate new growth, and achieve differentiated development of products.

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