2019 HPRT Electronic Technology Congress

2019-07-29 00:00

2019 HPRT Electronic Technology Congress

22nd May, held in Shanghai



As an enterprise of enthusiasm in thermal printing industry for many years, HPRT has been adhering to its professional technology and services since its inception. Provide excellent printing solutions for users to realize the corporate vision of "Let everyone see what they think".


The conference brought together many media and distributors to experience the information interconnection in the Internet of Things era, and presented us a feast of innovative technology on printing.



At the conference, Mr. Lin Jinyi, General Manager of Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that since its establishment, the performance of Hanyin in China and international markets has been growing continuously, the products have penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. Over the past fiscal year 2018, the business of Hanin has maintained a steady growth of 39% compare to the previous year, with products exported to more than 60 countries. Not only is Hanin Label Printers has the largest shipment in the domestic logistics field, but also the core shipment of Xiamen PRT Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hanin, ranks the first in the world in 2018.


Hanin Always concentrated on Printing filed, Has 200+ members in R&D Team, has obtaining more than 100+ patents for invention, Repeatedly filling gaps in the industry, constantly bringing surprises to users. Let every business, every family, see what they think.


At this conference, Hanin first released commercial, industrial and household products. More than 20 new products in three fields, Satisfy users in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, Different needs in terms of home travel,

Bring more wisdom to people's work and life.






640 (1).gif


In addition, for the first time, Hanin announced their future development strategy.

Taking the household field as an important area of new development, He also said that in the future, Hanin will devote themselves to commerce and industry,

Technology innovation and product development in three major areas of household use.


To achieve rapid development in many fields. As the highlight of this conference, Eight exhibition areas, nearly 30 products and solutions in Hanin Town. For the presence of the media and distributors to interpret the charm of science and technology exclusive to the Chinese seal. 






More than 100 dealers from all over the world attended the dealers' meeting in the afternoon.


Mr. Lin Jinyi, General Manager of Hannin, said: Hanin will uphold "China's Independent Science and Technology Core Technology + International Vision and Layout" Development Strategy, Efforts should be made to apply technological innovation to products and solutions. We will base ourselves on China, look at the world and positively lay out the international market.


Vice General Manager Ren Xiaowei, Expressing her affirmation and thanks to dealers all over the world, It also indicates that Chinese seal can grow rapidly in the past ten years. All distributors are indispensable for their hard work and strong support.

In the future, we hope to continue to work hand in hand with our distributors.

Strive hard to achieve new strategic objectives.


Then in the wonderful workshop segment,High-level officials from both sides discussed the topic of "how to achieve excellence in Hanin culture". From the market, product technology and other aspects of in-depth analysis of the future development of Hanin. Splendid on-site discussion won unanimous praise.


In addition, excellent distributors of Hanin were also presented at the meeting.

Sharing years of sales experience and achievements.

For the presence of distributors brought a full knowledge sharing meeting.

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