HPRT and Huoluo Intelligent Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Digital Textile Printing Industry

2023-11-22 20:17

HPRT and Huoluo Intelligent Forge Strategic Partnership

In a significant development for the digital printing industry, Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as HPRT) has recently announced a strategic partnership with Zhejiang Huoluo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huoluo Intelligent"). This collaboration, symbolized by the integration of digital textile printers, marks a new chapter in the business trajectories of both companies.

The signing ceremony, attended by Lin Jinyi, General Manager of HPRT, and Li Qingzhong, Chairman of Zhejiang Huoluo Intelligent, not only celebrated this union but also showcased the potential for future advancements in the field of digital printing.

Zhejiang Huoluo Intelligent: Pioneers in Textile Printing Machinery

With over five decades of experience, Zhejiang Huoluo Intelligent has been a prominent name in the printing machinery industry. Their commitment to intelligent interconnectivity between humans, machines, and resources has been a driving force in their approach, particularly in the textile printing machinery sector. Their innovative "Flat Screen+" production model, introduced in 2018, has been a game-changer, revolutionizing traditional screen printing methods.

HPRT: Leading the Way in Digital Textile Printing

HPRT digital textile printers at 2023 ITMA Exhibition

HPRT stands out as a global leader in digital textile printers and high-quality printing ink. Our focus on digital inkjet technology has positioned us at the forefront of the digital textile printing industry. HPRT's comprehensive approach includes pre-sales consultation, in-sales debugging, after-sales service, and software support, ensuring a holistic solution for our digital textile printing clientele.

Technological Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

HPRT and Huoluo Intelligent Forge Strategic Partnership

HPRT's commitment to innovation is evident in our continuous research and development efforts. Our digital fabric printers and printing solutions are not only technologically advanced but also deeply integrated with industry-specific scenarios. This focus on technological breakthroughs is driven by a desire to meet market needs, offering users an efficient, environmentally friendly, and personalized digital printing experience.

various kinds of patterns by HPRT digital textile printers

Digital textile printing, as opposed to traditional methods, offers significant environmental benefits. It eliminates the need for plate-making, reduces waste emissions, and minimizes pollution, aligning perfectly with green development goals. 

As the textile industry moves towards a modern industrial system, digital textile printing technology is emerging as a new productive force that integrates technological innovation, fashion creativity, cultural understanding, and ecological development. This technology is further propelling the development of a modernized textile industrial system.

The Future of Digital Textile Printing: HPRT and Huoluo Intelligent's Strategic Cooperation

At the 2023 Global Textile Digital Inkjet Printing Keqiao Summit, the focus was on the future trends of high-end, green, and intelligent development in the digital printing industry. 

In line with these trends, Huoluo Intelligent and HPRT have embarked on a strategic partnership, with Huoluo Intelligent ordering the DA18FS series models, which feature the 'Flat Screen+' technology combined with an online sizing process in digital printing. This technology will enable Huoluo Intelligent to enhance their textile printing processes significantly.

HPRT digital textile printers at 2023 ITMA Exhibition

The HPRT DA18FS series boasts 64 Kyocera industrial-grade print heads, capable of an impressive output of 1080㎡/hour under 2-pass model. This efficiency, coupled with low costs and flexible process combinations, meets the large-scale printing production needs of Huoluo Intelligent, offering an excellent cost-performance ratio.

HPRT digital textile printers at 2023 ITMA Exhibition

Furthermore, this series utilizes the "wet sizing process," which not only reduces ink consumption but also significantly improves color gloss, chroma, and permeability. It effectively compensates for the limitations of digital inkjet printing, such as the inability to print special inks like gold and silver powder, and addresses issues related to plate printing and carding defects. 

The HPRT DA18FS series digital textile printers achieve a synergistic complementarity between digital, rotary screen, and flat screen printing methods. It also offers flexibility, a wide range of styles, high color brightness and saturation, eco-friendly production, and the benefits of an online sizing solution technology for pigment printing.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for Textile Printing

The deployment of the HPRT DA18FS series in Huoluo Intelligent's operations is expected to provide substantial hardware support, enabling them to address technical challenges head-on, shattering industry limitations and significantly boosting operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In a momentous signing ceremony, Lin Jinyi of HPRT and Li Qingzhong of Huoluo Intelligent shared a unified vision for their collaboration. This partnership transcends mere business dealings, symbolizing a commitment to pioneering over 50 innovative digital textile printers annually. Together, we are charting a course towards unprecedented advancements in digital textile printing.

HPRT digital textile printers at 2023 ITMA Exhibition

Currently, the first batch of digital printing machines purchased from HPRT is poised for installation at Zhejiang Huoluo Intelligent, where they will be seamlessly integrated with end-user applications.

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