HPRT Celebrates Team Spirit and Excellence at the 6th Annual Corporate Sports Day

2023-12-07 15:48

Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. actively embraced the principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party. The company marked this commitment by celebrating its 6th Corporate Sports Day on November 25th at Xiamen University of Technology.


Embracing the Theme: "Print the Sound of China, Lead the Future"

This event, themed "Print the Sound of China, Lead the Future," was a vibrant testament to the company's commitment to fostering a positive social ethos and enhancing the physical and team spirit of its employees.

HPRT sports meeting opening ceremony.png

A Showcase of Athletic Talent and Team Spirit

The sports meet, marked by a high level of participation from various departments, saw around 900 employees enthusiastically sign up for a range of events. These included running, long jump, tug of war, land dragon boat racing, and cooperative walking, blending individual and team competitions with both athletic and fun-filled activities. This initiative sparked a new wave of enthusiasm for nationwide fitness.

march-past performance at the HPRT sports meeting.png

Highlights of the Meet: Competitive Spirit and Fun-Filled Activities

At the opening ceremony, the atmosphere was electric. Teams, named after traditional Chinese colors like Bamboo Green, Glazed Blue, Autumn Fragrance, Titanium White, Raven Black, Rouge, and Indigo, marched with pride and vigor. Their disciplined steps and formidable presence highlighted the youthful energy and aspirational spirit of the HPRT workforce, showcasing their new, dynamic image.

running contest at the HPRT sports meeting.png

running competition at the HPRT sports meeting.png

The competitive spirit was palpable throughout the meet. From the sound of the starting gun, athletes gave their all, racing side by side, pushing past their limits with unwavering focus and determination. HPRT's employees demonstrated their willingness to embrace challenges and pursue excellence, embodying resilience and a bold spirit in every event.

long jump competition at the HPRT sports meeting.png

The long jump was a particular highlight, where each leap symbolized a personal journey of surpassing oneself, crafting a perfect arc of achievement. 

tug-of-war competition at the HPRT sports meeting.png

tug-of-war competition at the HPRT sports game.png

land dragon boat racing at the HPRT sports meeting.png

Adding to the competitive and athletic events, the meet also featured fun games like tug of war, land dragon boat racing, and cooperative walking. These activities not only added an element of enjoyment but also enriched the overall charm of the event, offering a dynamic and energizing sports experience for all participants.

Now in its sixth year, the HPRT Sports Day is a cornerstone event. It has greatly enriched the cultural life of its employees. Additionally, it advances the company's commitment to fostering a spiritually civilized corporate environment. 

Each edition of the meet is a showcase of the employees' hard work and dedication, with every moment of competition deserving of recognition and remembrance.

running competition at the HPRT sports meet.png

Sports meeting award ceremony.png

As the HPRT Sports Day continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of unceasing sportsmanship and passion. The company encourages its employees to maintain their spirited demeanor and unwavering will. Looking ahead, HPRT's employees are poised to tackle future challenges with unstoppable determination, carving out their own unique path of excellence and style.

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