Dialoguing with HPRT: Unveiling the Birth and Innovative Story of the H11 Mini Label Maker

2023-12-13 19:01

When asked about where a label printer could be used, what scene first comes to your mind? Office supplies? Price tags in a mall or supermarket? Sugar level stickers on tea cups in a street-side shop? —In short, people's first thoughts are likely of public spaces. The concept of "label printers"; as personal consumer goods is not yet deeply ingrained in people's minds.

HPRT H11 mini label maker.png

Revolutionizing Label Printing: From Office to Home

Indeed, in modern society, most people still perceive "label printers" as business and office products. However, as consumer demands evolve and the quest for high-quality life organization grows, producers and designers of label printers are increasingly incorporating domestic use into their designs. We foresee label printers carving out a new niche in future markets.

In Japan, a society that entered the stage of consumer upgrading earlier, people realized the importance of "organization" early on. The demand of their living environment for efficient use and organization of space, and the prevalence of the "Danshari" philosophy, have made home label printers almost a necessity in every Japanese household.

organization labels.png

While the concept of domestic label printers in China is not as widespread as in Japan, recent developments have seen a gradual shift away from the perception of label printers being confined to business and office use. Label printers are finding new applications in journaling, gift tags, name tags, and item labeling, highlighting their versatile uses in the modern era.

HPRT, a veteran enterprise deeply engaged in printer technology and specialized in the R&D, production, sales, and service of printing equipment, is a Chinese high-tech company. Beyond its already mature commercial label printer solution, HPRT is venturing into the home label printer market.

During the recent "Double 11" shopping festival, HPRT mini label maker H11, with its high quality, aesthetic appeal, and attractive price, secured the top spot on the "Tmall Double 11 Official Must-Buy List." It also successively won the "Best-Selling Label Printer," "Top Rated Label Printer," and "Tmall Best Home Label Printer" awards.

Story of the H11 Mini Label Maker

Why does this non-new mini label printer still hold such power today? After visiting the source of creativity and the design team, let us talk about the charm of this mini thermal label maker, dubbed "the most suitable for girls".

1.The Birth of the H11 Mini Label Maker

the birth of the H11 label printer.png

The idea for the H11 label maker originated from a moment of inspiration in the life of Ms. Wang Wei (alias "Luwei"), the HPRT's Global Marketing Vice President. At the time when label printers were moving towards domestic use, HPRT label maker concepts were plentiful but not entirely satisfactory.

What kind of label maker would attract users? Pondering this question, Luwei's attention inadvertently landed on the powder compact in her bag. This moment sparked a brilliant idea: why not design a label printer resembling a compact, a commonly used item by women?

HPRT H11 label maker.png

"As a woman, I think if it resembled an item we use daily, it would be more easily accepted and liked."

Once inspired, she quickly sketched the initial design of the label printer she envisioned, which became the prototype of the H11 label maker.

Unlike the typical square shape of most label printers, the H11 features a round, compact design more fitting for a woman's hand. Its light, matte finish combines modern craftsmanship with fashion elements, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and popularity among female users.

The choice of warm, macaron-colored casings also lends a cozy and soft visual appeal. "The initial intention was to create a healing sensation when held in hand. Just like the appearance of a powder compact, full and satisfying, making one's mood better."

2.Smaller and Lighter

Targeted at women, the H11 mini label printer not only presents an appealing exterior but also places significant emphasis on its inner qualities.

Firstly, the weight of the unit is strictly controlled to be light and portable; additionally, its size is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, meeting consumer needs for ease of use and portability.

portable HPRT H11 label maker.png

Achieving a balance between compact size and performance was challenging. To meet both criteria, the original product design had to be completely overhauled.

Despite numerous difficulties, the H11 was successfully completed by the R&D team, measuring 76mm in diameter and 40mm in height, and weighing close to an actual powder compact.

construction of HPRT H11 label maker.png

The extreme attention to quality and size has made the H11 a standout in its category.

3.Thoughtful and User-Centric Design

Innovation, professionalism, customer priority, hard work, openness, and striving to be the best are the values that HPRT consistently upholds.

Just as with the design of the H11, HPRT has always adhered to a customer-first philosophy. Throughout the process of refining the design into a producible model, the HPRT R&D team frequently communicated with young female customers, gathering feedback and seeking new inspiration for the product.

HPRT team communicated with young female customers.png

"Designs that are merely superficial struggle to resonate with people."

Luwei always believed that the product itself might be composed of cold components, but the process of producing the product is like conveying the product's concept. Users can feel the warmth in the details. It is essential to consider the design from a life-oriented perspective, incorporate customer feedback, and repeatedly test and adjust to ensure user comfort during use.

From replacing potentially disruptive push-button switches with sleek, long LED lights to considering the color coordination of a small spring inside, almost every detail reflects the team's careful consideration and thought.

packaging of HPRT H11 label maker.png

It is no exaggeration to say that even the feel and color combination of the raffia grass in the carefully designed packaging box of the H11 label printer was meticulously chosen.

delicate packaging of HPRT H11 label maker.png

Even though the H11 is priced affordably compared to other types of label printers, HPRT still puts a lot of thought into every detail.

4.Comprehensive APP Design

Functionally, the H11 mini printer not only retains the traditional label printing capabilities but also offers a unique and varied style of labels through the independently developed "HerePrint" APP.

The HerePrint APP allows users to easily achieve 10M Bluetooth remote printing and access a wide range of materials and functions. Users can modify or design their labels, creating unique and personalized labels.

In the upgraded version of the H11, the R&D team added a user-friendly expiration reminder feature. Users can mark the expiration date when printing, and the app will proactively remind you as the expiry date approaches, helping to prevent waste.

comprehensive APP design of HPRT H11 label maker.png

5.Challenges and Innovations

For the R&D team, launching the H11 label maker for sale is not the end but the beginning.

What do users want? How do they want to use it? What can the H11 bring to their lives, and how can it help?

Almost every team member became a deep user of the H11 portable label printer, exploring how to broaden its use and optimize user experience. However, inspiration and obstacles are like light and shadow, interdependent. As further adjustments were repeatedly postponed, the team faced new challenges.

HPRT team in discussion.png

Luwei then had a new idea during a stagnant phase of the project – what if the printer could be operated by voice control?

"This idea came to me while I was storing off-season clothes in boxes at home. It was cumbersome to edit labels on the phone while organizing clothes. That is when I thought, wouldn't it be great if we had a label maker that could print text just by speaking?"

This suggestion was immediately embraced, and the design and production of the voice-controlled label maker began.

"How can we enable the label printer to recognize voice commands and complete the printing process autonomously?" To achieve this, HPRT developed a new voice system that allows the label printer to operate independently of the app.

The voice-controlled H11 mini label printer, equipped with HPRT's self-developed voice system, can intelligently recognize voice commands. In design, it also focuses more on the texture of appearance. The casing features high-quality fabric material, paired with a metallic logo and bright edges, creating a more upscale appearance and combining usability with aesthetics.

HPRT voice controlled label maker.png

More tactile, more intelligent, and more thoughtful, the warmth of the H11 smart mini label maker continues: 'We don't just see our products as mere products but as a sincere form of communication with our consumers. Even though the machines are made of inanimate components, the genuine care and warmth behind them always shine through.'

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