HPRT's Innovative Printers: Z1 Instant Camera, GT1 A4 Printer, DA067D Hybrid Textile Printer Win Global Design Awards

2023-12-19 18:02

In 2023, HPRT’s several products stood out with their unique design concepts and creativity, sweeping major awards like the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the American IDEA Design Award, and the Good Design Award, demonstrating HPRT’s continuous innovation in the printing field.

Following the Red Dot Best Design Award in 2022, HPRT has once again received international recognition and affirmation.


HPRT Z1 Instant Camera : Capturing Romance in Every Snapshot


The internationally acclaimed HPRT Instant Camera Z1, with its minimalist design, ingeniously merges a camera with a photo printer. This harmonious integration of core functionalities of both devices, through thoughtful layout, showcases the beauty of craftsmanship.

The HPRT Instant Camera Z1 captures the essence of film photography. With various filter modes, it complements the advantages of both a camera and a printer. After capturing atmospheric photos, users can choose their preferred prints, achieving ’zero waste’ and easy mood capture. It’s compact and easy to carry around for outdoor traveling, attending parties or other social occasions.

HPRT GT1 A4 Printer: Efficient Assistant for Work and Study


The HPRT GT1 A4 printer, while maintaining a minimalist design, delivers exceptional performance. It’s smaller and faster than traditional printers, enhancing the user experience. The design is sleek, easily fits into various home environments.


Users can connect to the printer via Bluetooth through an app, which includes built-in features for exams, learning, office work, and editing. The all-in-one ribbon cartridge design makes it user-friendly. Its compact size and smart connection to the app meet the aesthetic requirements of modern intelligent printers.

HPRT DA067D Hybrid Textile Printer: Pioneering in Textile Print Innovation and Craftsmanship


The DA067D Hybrid Textile Printer, with its unique one-stop design from pre-treatment to digital printing, significantly improves production efficiency. Its special ink supply system renders print patterns and colors more delicately. Even with small batch sizes, it consistently delivers high-quality printing output.


Moreover, the modular design of the DA067D Hybrid allows for quick replacement and maintenance of various systems like the print table, motion control, printing, ink supply, pneumatic, and maintenance management. Its intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing system makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

The DA067D Hybrid’s unique printing solution supports mass printing of T-shirts, canvas bags, shoes, hats, and more, suitable for various materials like cotton, denim, and canvas. It meets diverse end-user printing needs with its innovative and practical design, winning the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award.

HPRT CP2100 Portable Photo Printer: Your Pocket-Sized Memory Maker for Life’s Precious Moments


Imagine a design akin to a traveling artist, ready to capture beautiful life moments and transform them into physical memories. This is the HPRT CP2100 portable photo printer. Its elegant and compact design makes it a constant companion, ready to print memories anytime, anywhere. Its efficiency and convenience, coupled with the HPRT HeyPhoto APP, offer various filters, photo collage options, AR video photos, ID photos, and more.


The CP2100 allows for diverse applications like recording life, DIY cards, daily journaling, and photo wall decorations, starting a trendy journey. Its dye-sublimation printing technology and automatic laminating process create smooth transitions and vibrant colors, producing exquisite photos and surpassing color differences to restore ’true’ colors.

So, if the HPRT Z1 Instant Camera is a recorder of romantic life, the HPRT CP2100 is the portable printer of beautiful life moments.

In this ever-changing and possibility-filled world, HPRT, with its outstanding design and innovative concept, continues to drive the development of printing technology, bringing endless convenience and joy to our lives.

Whether it’s the romantic documentation of the Z1 Instant Camera, the ultimate simplicity of the GT1, the innovative design of the DA067D Hybrid, or the portability of the CP2100, HPRT’s unique charm and excellent performance have earned high recognition in international design awards. These honors affirm HPRT’s past efforts and symbolize expectations for its future development. In the future, HPRT will continue to bring more surprises and innovations, making our lives even more beautiful.

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