HPRT Launches New Products at 2024 CHINASHOP: Embarking on a New Chapter of Smart Retail!

2024-03-14 17:16

2024 CHINASHOP.png

From March 13th to 15th, the 24th China Retail Trade Fair (2024 CHINASHOP) is being held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

As the world-leading professional retail fair, CHINASHOP showcases the foresight and innovation of China's retail industry. This year's fair spans 100,000 square meters, featuring over 800 participating companies and attracting more than 65,000 professional visitors, recreating the grandeur of the retail industry's top event.

The fair focuses on smart retail, green retail, and experiential retail, displaying the achievements in the application of cloud computing and other technologies and equipment in the retail sector, as well as selected products suitable for supermarkets and convenience stores.

24th China Retail Trade Fair.jpg

At the fair, HPRT is not only presenting its classic products, which have been widely favored by customers over the years but also debuting new products in the POS printer series and integrated weighing and packaging printers. 

These offerings provide comprehensive and innovative printing solutions and services for various industries and smart retail. In addition, customized products and service solutions tailored to different industries and scenarios are also being introduced.

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Brand-new Product Experience

HPRT new Product at CHINASHOP.jpg

The newly launched products in the POS series and integrated weighing and packaging printers are showcased, aiming to meet the demands of the retail industry, foster the development of new retail formats, and jointly craft a series of cutting-edge digital retail solutions.

1. TP80NB Thermal Receipt Printer

TP80N receipt printer.jpg

TP80NB thermal receipt printer: This desktop POS printer, with a 40% smaller volume and a front-exit paper design, provides a compact, waterproof, and dustproof solution, greatly enhancing the lifespan of the device. Its high-speed printing capability of 160mm/s and the innovative side-opening cover design ensure an experience of easy paper loading without any jamming.

2. TP586W Cloud POS Printer

TP586W Cloud Pos Printer.png

TP586W cloud POS printer: Its compact body design makes this printer an ideal choice for saving space. It supports Wi-Fi communication, with an optional 4G module available. Additionally, through HPRT Cloud Service, it can seamlessly integrate with food delivery platforms such as Meituan and Ele.me, supporting voice announcements of printer status and new orders for fast printing of platform orders.

3. TL31 Thermal Receipt and Label Printer

TL31 thermal receipt and label printer.png

TL31 thermal receipt and label printer: This thermal printer boasts a label printing speed of 127mm/s and a receipt printing speed of 200mm/s. It also features a width-adjustable large paper bin, supporting various printing modes and interfaces, ensuring wide adaptability suitable for diverse commercial settings.

4. WM1 Weighing and Packaging Integrated Machine

WM1 Weighing and Packaging Integrated Machine.jpg

Weighing and Packaging Integrated Machine.jpg

WM1 weighing and packaging integrated machine is the ideal solution for packaging retail fresh goods, integrating weighing, packaging, and printing functions for a fast, accurate, and automatic packaging process. It's suitable for various tray types, including hard trays, soft trays, and even tray-less packaging, effectively reducing packaging material use. Its compact design and simple operation ensure a stable, efficient packaging process, while also lowering labor costs.

ONEPLUSONE Ai Weighing Scales.jpg

ONEPLUSONE, a brand under HPRT, not only provides efficient packaging and weighing integrated solutions but also brings significant economic benefits to retailers with its cost-saving and space-efficient advantages. These products are trusted choices in the rapidly changing retail environment, whether dealing with fresh goods or seeking high efficiency and low-cost operations.

ONEPLUSONE Weighing Scale products.jpg

As the 24th China Retail Trade Fair unfolds, we warmly invite you to visit us at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Hall 5.2, Booth B32, to experience the innovative POS series and WM1 semi-automatic packaging machine new products by HPRT firsthand. This will be an opportunity to deeply understand HPRT's product strength and innovation. We look forward to your visit to explore how these advanced technologies can help grow your business. Let's meet at the fair and embark on a new chapter of smart retail together!

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