Optimizing Your Business with QR Code Label Printers: A Comprehensive Guide

2024-02-23 16:04

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QR codes are changing the way businesses operate, providing a fast, secure, and convenient way to access information. Now many businesses use QR code label printers to print barcodes and then attach them to products or packages for identification, tracking, and marketing. This article will guide you in selecting the right QR code label printer for your business and provide practical tips for their usage.

Applications of QR Code Labels

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Labels printed with QR codes serve many purposes, manufacturers, retailers, logistics companies and other industry businesses use them for 

1. Product labeling: Generate QR code labels with product information, serial numbers, and manufacturing dates for tracking and customer engagement, such as agricultural product barcodes and QR codes of circuit boards.

2. Inventory management: Track and manage inventory efficiently by printing QR codes on product labels or packaging.

3. Asset tracking: Assign QR code labels to assets for easy identification, maintenance, and theft prevention.

4. Document management: Digitize and streamline document management by adding QR codes to files, contracts, and invoices.

5. Marketing and promotions: Engage customers and drive traffic to business websites or social media pages by incorporating QR codes into product labels and packaging stickers.

Choose the Right QR Code Label Printer

The market offers a wide range of QR code printers, each with its own set of features and capabilities. First, you need to figure out these types of QR code label printers.

● Handheld QR Code Printers: Portable and lightweight, ideal for on-the-go printing in small quantities.

● Desktop QR Code Printers: Offer higher print speeds and volumes, suitable for medium-sized businesses.

● Industrial QR Code Printers: Robust and built for heavy-duty printing in demanding environments.

HPRT is a trusted supplier of QR code printers, offering a diverse selection of products at cost-effective prices. Below are three of our representative QR code label printer products.

1. HPRT T260L Series Handheld QR Code Printer

HPRT T260L qr code printer.png

This portable label maker uses direct thermal printing technology, making it easy to operate and load paper rolls without the need for ink or ribbons.

Featuring convenient Bluetooth connectivity, it can print 20~50mm labels and stickers with clear texts, graphics, and QR codes directly from phones, iPads, and other mobile devices. It's compatible with Android, iOS, & PC.

Utilizing the HPRT label design app, small businesses such as retail stores, grocery stores, gift shops, street vendors, and food carts can access a wide variety of pre-designed label templates and quickly edit them to produce price tags, food labels, deli labels, jewelry labels, gift labels, and packing stickers.

2. HPRT SL32 Series Desktop QR Code Printer

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The HPRT SL32 series is a versatile desktop 3-inch thermal label printer ideal for batching printing labels, stickers, and receipts for various types of business users. 

It boasts high-speed printing capabilities of up to 180mm/s and supports label widths of 25mm~80mm. It can accommodate fan-fold paper, continuous paper rolls, pre-cut labels, and black mark paper. 

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HPRT SL32 series thermal label printer can print various barcodes, QR codes, graphics, logos, dates, and serial numbers among other variable content. It's mainly used for mass printing of bubble tea labels, food and drink labels, product labels, apparel tags, material labels, receipts, and more. The printed QR codes are crisp and clean, easy scanned by business scanners or customers' mobile phones.

The SL32BT Bluetooth model can also connect directly to mobile phones for even more convenience.

3. HPRT Bingo Series Industrial QR Code Printer 

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In industries such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing, there is often a need for high-precision, high-durability QR code printing equipment. The HPRT Bravo Series is an excellent choice for these requirements.

This Industrial QR Code Printer features multiple interfaces for strong compatibility, allowing integration into production lines and conveyor systems among various environments. 

Equipped with a high-quality industrial-grade print head, it supports 24-hour continuous printing with a max resolution of 600 dpi. So the HPRT Bingo can handle even small sized barcodes and QR codes such as medical tracking barcodes, PCB QR codes, and QR codes of automotive parts.

Once type of QR code printer is determined, you need to consider other factors like print volume, print media, connectivity options, label design software, warranty and special function requirements.

For more details, visit our blog post“How to Choose the Right QR Code Printer”.

How to Print QR Code Labels

Printing QR code labels involves two main steps: designing the QR code label and printing it.

1. Designing QR Code Labels

Nowadays, there are numerous free QR code generators online that can promptly generate QR codes from text, links, and URLs. Yet, you still need to design the label layout after generating the QR code.

HPRT label design software.png

HPRT provides user-friendly free label design software HereLabel, which supports both PC and mobile devices. It offers a large number of pre-designed label templates. Users can select right one from them, edit it by incorporating logos, descriptions, lines, icons and other elements, then finalize the layout of your QR code label.

2. Printing QR Code Labels

Printing is simple, you can follow the steps below:

● Connect the QR code printer to your computer or mobile device.

● Select the print settings, including the number of copies, print size, and print density.

● Test a few labels to ensure the QR codes are clear and scannable.

For high-volume printing and variable data printing, you can use HereLabel for bulk QR code generation and printing. This label design software supports printing labels from Excel, for more detailed instructions, visit our blog post “How to Print Labels from Excel”.

With HPRT QR code label printers, users can quickly print high-quality labels on site or on the move. Visit HPRT's website to explore our extensive range of QR code printers and software solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in choosing the ideal QR code printing solution for your business needs.

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