7 Key Advantages of HPRT Prime Wash Care Label Printer

2024-02-22 16:44

Wash care labels are essential tags found on clothing and textiles, providing specific laundry instructions to guide consumers on how to properly clean, dry, and care for the items. They are usually sewn onto garments or fabrics, including information like material composition, garment size, country of origin, and small laundry symbols.

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The quality of the wash care label is important, as it affects the durability of the label and the readability of the information. For printing sharp and durable fabric labels that can withstand repeated washing, opt for the HPRT Prime, a high-speed thermal transfer label printer.

This wash care label printing machine boasts seven major advantages:

1. Thermal transfer printing technology, suitable for a variety of wash label materials.

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2. 203/300 dpi output, with print speeds of up to 200mm/s at 203 dpi.

3. A 300m ribbon capacity, and a maximum label roll diameter of up to 5 inches.

4. Kyocera wear-resistant printhead plus multiple label sensors for accurate positioning and efficient batch printing.

5. Easy media and ribbon loading design. Modular design for easy maintenance.

Printer Components and Structure.png

6. Multiple interfaces, including options for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

7. Strong expandability, and can be equipped with various accessories, most notably the hobbing cutter module. This module effectively cuts flexible labels, significantly boosting work efficiency.

Prime Printer supporting a wide range of accessories.png

The HPRT Prime wash care label printer, works with carbon ribbons and produce sharp and durable texts, graphics, laundry symbols, icons on the fabric labels and clothing tags. These high-quality wash labels can withstand repeated washing and drying and the laundry symbols on them remain clear and easy to read all the time.

This thermal transfer printer can print on many label materials like woven nylon, satin nylon, and polyester taffeta. Its maximum printing width is 108mm, enabling it to handle labels of various sizes. 

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With its fast printing speed, and user-friendly label design software, the HPRT Prime wash care label printer is an ideal solution for clothing and textile manufacturers.

If your care labels have a lot of small text, patterns, or contain barcodes like QR codes, you can choose 300dpi printing for them. The HPRT Prime china label wash care printer stands out as the premier solution for producing high-quality fabric labels, blending speed, durability, and versatility seamlessly.

For high-volume textile label printing on clothing and textile production lines, we offer high-performance industrial label printers

These textile label printers are designed for ultra-high speed, durable construction, and can operate continuously under high-intensity conditions. Additionally, they are equipped with advanced features such as RFID tag encoding and printing.

For all your wash care label, fabric label and clothing label printing needs, feel free to reach out to us anytime. HPRT is here to provide you with professional services and printing solutions tailored to your requirements.

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