HPRT 2023: A Year in Review - Innovation, Engagement, and Market Leadership in the Printing Industry

2024-01-04 11:51

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Looking back at the end of 2023, this year was brimming with countless new possibilities and potentials. Almost every year-end, we reflect on the past and look forward to the new year. Even so, 2023 was probably a sufficiently special year for everyone.

This year, on one side, the revived atmosphere of everyday life heated up domestic markets in culture, sports, dining, and tourism, bringing emotional value back to the core of consumption. On the other side, the driving force of technological innovation continued to grow, achieving numerous breakthroughs in smart manufacturing, new energy, and artificial intelligence, contributing to high-quality development.

Despite facing internal and external uncertainties and ongoing clashes of old and new ideas, industries and individuals, from near and far, intertwined, are gradually finding their stable certainties.

No matter how the world changes, the pursuit of a better life remains constant. In the upcoming 2024, we hope this review of HPRT-related events in 2023 will bring you new strength and hope.

Two-Way Commitment in 2023 

1. HPRT and Customers

HPRT HereLabel Tiger Club Summit.png

From the "HereLabel Tiger Club Summit" at the beginning of the year, HPRT has always focused on customer-centricity and growing with partners, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. 

Mid-year, HPRT held a supplier conference themed "Together in the Same Boat, Creating the Future," thanking suppliers for their years of partnership in overcoming challenges and providing quality materials and services to HPRT.

2. HPRT and Employees

HPRT sports meeting.png

This year was also about HPRT's two-way commitment with its employees. HPRT cared for each employee's growth and happiness, offering a variety of cultural and sports activities to enhance their sense of belonging and team spirit. 

In summer, HPRT organized a unique parent-child event, allowing employees' children to visit their parents' workplace and learn about their work and environment. 

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, HPRT held a traditional game of "Bo Bing" in Xiamen, allowing employees to experience the charm of traditional culture and celebrate together. 

In late autumn, HPRT held a sports meeting "Print the Sound of China, Lead the Future," encouraging physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship among employees.

Citywalk's 2023

HPRT city tour.png

Since 2020, we've embarked on a journey, starting from Xiamen and radiating to major cities nationwide. 

This year, HPRT's city tour passed through dozens of provinces and cities, from Harbin in the east to Urumqi in the west, inviting thousands of users and partners to share and showcase HPRT's comprehensive smart IoT solutions, receiving widespread acclaim and enhancing market recognition and brand influence.

Apart from the city tour, HPRT participated in dozens of major domestic and international exhibitions and conferences, such as the 3rd China International Consumer Goods Expo in Haikou, the 23rd China Retail Expo in Chongqing, the Xiamen 9.8 Investment Fair, and the Guangzhou Canton Fair. 

In November, at the Shanghai ITMA Digital Printing Asia Expo, HPRT launched three new digital textile printers, meeting diverse printing needs and bringing new solutions and value to the textile printing industry.

Leading the Way in 2023

In the face of a complex and variable market environment, HPRT continued to invest heavily in R&D, winning numerous national and international awards like the China Patent Award, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, National 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Excellent Scene, Green Factory, Red Dot Design Award, and iF Design Award. 

HPRT received many design awards.png

Whether in product or technological innovation, HPRT demonstrated leading innovation and competitiveness. In product innovation, HPRT introduced various photo printers, label printers, and A4 printers, providing efficient and convenient printing solutions across industries. 

In technological innovation, HPRT made breakthroughs in core technologies like high-precision positioning, high-definition printing, and high-stability control, ensuring the performance and quality of smart IoT products.

Shared Inspirations in 2023

HPRT participated in Forty Years of Chinese Photography exhibition.png

From the "Forty Years of Chinese Photography" exhibition at the Gulangyu Contemporary Art Center at the beginning of the year, HPRT, as the strategic partner, provided professional photo printers and contributed a collection of photographic works for this five-year preparation event.

In March, HPRT partnered with Southeast TV's IM Cross-Strait Youth Film Festival, initiating campus screenings starting from Shanghai. The event visited prestigious universities and received enthusiastic responses from students.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, HPRT, as a partner, co-organized a stray animal rescue event with Xiamen Egret Island Stray Animal Rescue Station, attracting over 300 participants in two hours and gaining over 20,000 online exposures.

high resolution prints by HPRT photo printer.png

In September, in Pingtan, HPRT, as the annual strategic partner of the IM Cross-Strait Youth Film Festival, witnessed the selection of the "Most Creative Work by HPRT" from 1,849 entries, showcasing the unique perspectives and endless creativity of a new generation of filmmakers. 

The festival reached an online spread of over 450 million and a total live viewing of over 63.73 million across platforms. This year, we, together with various partners and users, have promoted the development of photography, creativity, and film, adding color and joy to people's aspirations for a better life.

HPRT participated in the IM Cross Strait Youth Film Festival.png

As we look back at the end of 2023, recalling the exploration, breakthroughs, passion, warmth, and comforting moments we've shared, we ponder the source of strength for 2024.

Perhaps, the current priority is the "touchstone" in the face of difficulties, the "upstream boat" against the current, and the eternity composed of fleeting moments. In 2024, we will resonate with the printing industry and continue to explore the beautiful life we aspire to.

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