Celebrate Spring Festival with DIY Decor: Create Lanterns & More with HPRT A4 Printers and Label Makers

2024-01-18 16:36

Lunar New Year Fair.jpg

As the lunar month of La heralds the year's end, the Spring Festival's festive spirit fills the streets with bustling markets and lively decorations, a testament to the enduring joy and traditions of the Chinese people. With Spring Festival nearing, it's the perfect time to adorn our homes with warmth and cheer.

Facing the challenge of rising holiday prices, there's a creative and cost-effective way to enliven our spaces using what we already have at home. It's particularly engaging for families with children to involve them in crafting homemade decorations, blending the joy of creation with the richness of traditional culture. Utilizing HPRT A4 printers and label makers, we can easily transform everyday materials into charming festive adornments, adding a personal touch to our holiday celebrations.

Full of Atmosphere - Lanterns

In China, the Spring Festival is the most important celebration of the year, with every household hanging red lanterns to mark the arrival of the new year. This tradition symbolizes not just reunion and joy, but also the hope for a prosperous and united year ahead.

Lunar new year lanterns.jpg

Materials Needed: 4 sheets of A4 paper (red with gold speckles for a better effect), craft sticks (or disposable chopsticks), double-sided tape, red string, scissors, spare Chinese knots, and light strings from home.

HPRT A4 printer.jpg

First, print the desired patterns or blessings using the HPRT A4 printer GT1 on the A4 papers. Remember, the red papers with gold speckles look even better!

lantern frame.jpg

You can use hot glue or connectors to assemble the sticks into a lantern frame.

Cut paper.jpg

Then, align the printed A4 papers against the lantern frame, marking the center of the patterns or blessings with a pencil. Trim off one side from each corner of the paper with scissors.

Paste lantern paper.jpg

Stick the trimmed A4 papers onto the lantern frame using double-sided tape. Quickly, you'll have all four sides of the lantern completed.

Lantern completed.jpg

Finally, secure the lantern diagonally with the string, wrapping around the handle sticks. The bottom of the lantern can also be fixed with sticks to hang decorations like Chinese knots and small light strings.

And there you have it, your very own handmade New Year lantern, ready to accompany you from New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival.

Everything is Attainable - Fortune Stick Cylinder

Today's youth particularly enjoy temple visits, seeking solace in serene Zen spaces and choosing to offer incense in pursuit of progress. "Fortune-seeking" has become a popular method, both online and offline, creating a unique hustle and bustle during the New Year.

Therefore, a fortune stick cylinder is an essential New Year decoration. You can print your wishes for the coming year using the HPRT label makers, unlocking your fortune for the Year of the Dragon.

Fortune stick cylinder.jpg

Materials Needed: Ice cream sticks, HPRT label printer, a pen holder (any unused jars or containers at home), red A4 paper.

Make fortune sticks using HPRT label makers.jpg

First, wrap the pen holder in a festive paper and print your blessings and wishes for the coming year using the HPRT label maker.

fortune sticks.jpg

Peel off the backing of the label and fold it around an ice cream stick. And just like that, your fortune stick is ready. Place the prepared sticks into the fortune cylinder, and you can shake it with family and friends during the Lunar New Year!

Beautiful Blessings - Photo Frame

What do we frame in photo frames? Photos of ourselves, family, friends, partners, idols, or an inspiring quote? Perhaps the first calligraphy written by hand or every beautiful blessing… Whatever it is, they have touched our hearts deeply.

There's always a moment that tugs at the heartstrings, deserving to be cherished forever. A photo frame captures the beauty within us, making memories visible and tangible.

photo frame ornaments.jpg

Materials Needed: HPRT label printer, photo frame, red A4 paper.

Cut the paper to fit the photo frame and print your desired content, such as quotes or blessings, using the HPRT label printer. You can choose different fonts, colors, sizes, and styles to personalize and beautify your label.

print labels by HPRT label makers.jpg

Peel off the backing of the printed label and stick it onto the cut red paper. Arrange it as you like, and you'll have a photo frame full of hopeful wishes for life.

Photo frame completed.jpg

At HPRT, we firmly believe that every small creation has its unique value. In the lunar new year, let's immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere that belongs to us, creating our own New Year decorations with the materials at hand. Whether lanterns, fortune cylinders, or photo frames, they all carry our hopes and blessings for the New Year. Let's add a touch of festivity and warmth to our homes with these little decorations.

Lunar new year decoration.jpg

In the lunar new year, may our lives be filled with laughter, our hearts with hope, and every day with the spirit of the Lunar New Year.

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