Types of Warehouse Labels and How to Choose the Right Warehouse Label Printer

2023-05-18 15:27

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Improving the efficiency of warehouse management is a common challenge for many warehouse administrators. The application of warehouse labels can assist personnel in efficiently tracking inventory and managing logistics flow. This article will introduce various types of warehouse labels and provide guidance on selecting the suitable warehouse label printer.

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Types of Warehouse Labels

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are the most commonly used type of labels in warehouse management. By scanning the barcode on the label, warehouse personnel can quickly access relevant information about the product, such as stock quantity, product name, and production date, etc. These labels effectively enhance the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse inventory management.

RFID Labels

RFID labels (Radio Frequency Identification) are warehouse labels that utilize radio frequency identification technology. They enable contactless identification of items by simply bringing an RFID reader close to the label to retrieve stored information. These labels are suitable for large-scale logistics management, allowing for quick and accurate retrieval of item information.

QR Code Labels

QR code labels (Quick Response Code) are two-dimensional code labels with a larger data storage capacity. In warehouse management, scanning QR code labels provides warehouse administrators with more detailed information about the items, such as origin, batch number, and packaging details. These labels facilitate better product traceability, quality management, and enhanced supply chain transparency for businesses.

Cable Labels

Cable labels are primarily used for managing accessories like cables stored in the warehouse. These labels are waterproof and durable, making them suitable for harsh environments. By labeling cables, warehouse administrators can quickly and accurately locate the required accessories.

Paper Labels

Paper labels are the simplest type of warehouse labels. Warehouse administrators can manually write basic item information such as name and quantity on these labels. Paper labels are suitable for warehouse management scenarios where information requirements are minimal.

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Choose the Right Warehouse Label Printer

Selecting an appropriate warehouse label printer can assist warehouse management personnel in meeting their warehouse label printing needs. Here are several factors to consider when choosing a warehouse label printer:

Label Type

Before selecting a label printer, it is important to determine the type of labels that need to be printed. Warehouse labels come in various types, such as RFID labels, barcode labels, adhesive labels, and more. Different types of labels require specific label printers with the corresponding printing capabilities. For instance, RFID labels require a label printer equipped with RFID functionality, while barcode labels necessitate a printer capable of printing barcodes.

The HPRT Glory is an industrial-grade 4-inch barcode label printer that supports the printing of both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode labels. It offers versatility in barcode printing and can be an ideal choice for warehouses that extensively utilize barcode labels.

Printing Quantity

The printing quantity of a warehouse label make is an important factor to consider. Different label printers have varying printing capacities. Some printers can handle large volumes of labels, while others are more suitable for printing smaller quantities. When selecting a label printer, it is crucial to consider the required label quantity and the actual situation in the warehouse. Typically, a desktop label printer is designed for small to mid-volume label printing, whereas an industrial label printer is specifically built to handle high-volume label printing tasks. For instance, if a large number of labels need to be printed on a daily basis, an efficient and high-speed industrial label printer should be chosen to ensure smooth operations and prevent bottlenecks in the labeling process.

Printing Speed

The printing speed of a warehouse label maker directly impacts the efficiency of warehouse management. Therefore, it is important to select a label printer with fast printing speed to improve work efficiency. Some high-speed printers can print hundreds of labels per hour, making them suitable for scenarios requiring a large volume of labels.

The HPRT Glory industrial warehouse label printer offers a high printing speed of up to 8 inches per second, which can significantly enhance label production and support the demands of large warehouses with high labeling requirements.

Printing Quality

Printing quality is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a label printer. It is essential to select a label printer that delivers good printing quality to ensure clear and accurate labels without compromising the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management. Some high-quality label printers utilize high-resolution printing technology to produce sharp and precise labels.


Compatibility is also one of the factors to consider when selecting a label printer. It is necessary to choose a label printer that is compatible with the existing warehouse management system to ensure that the printed label information can be read and recognized correctly. For instance, some label printers can connect to the warehouse management system through various means such as computer connections, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

The standard interfaces for the HPRT Glory include USB Type B, 3*USB HOST, Serial, and Ethernet. Additionally, it offers Wi-Fi, serial port, application interface, and RFID (UHF) reader/encoder interfaces. These multiple connectivity options enhance compatibility and allow seamless integration into different warehouse environments.

Choosing the appropriate warehouse labels and label printer can help warehouse managers effectively manage warehouse logistics, improving work efficiency and accuracy. Based on the specific label requirements and the actual situation of warehouse management, selecting the suitable label type and label printer can enhance warehouse management efficiency and accuracy.

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