Introduction of 3 Essential Warehouse Hardware for Operational Excellence

2024-02-27 16:46

The smooth operation of a warehouse relies on the well-coordinated interplay of hardware and software. While software like WMS and ERP systems provide digital tools for warehouse management, warehouse hardware, especially barcode technology devices, is fundamental to achieving information technology integration and warehouse digitization. Next, let's explore the essential warehouse hardware that is transforming warehouses.

Barcode Scanners

handheld barcode scanner.png

Barcode scanners are extensively employed warehouse scanning tools that instantly capture and input barcode and QR code data into management systems. 

Handheld barcode scanners, in particular, are commonly used for scanning goods during receiving, shipping, and product quality testing. Generally, these scanners have two types, wired and wireless options, offering flexibility for different operational needs. 

scan damaged barcodes.png

For example, the HPRT N160BT wireless barcode scanner adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, with a transmission distance of up to 100 meters. It can accurately read barcodes as fine as 3mil. 

This 2D barcode scanner can scan multiple 1D and 2D barcodes, including UPC-A, EAN-13, Code 128, and QR codes, even damaged or faded barcodes. It is suitable for medium and large-sized warehouse systems.

Rugged PDAs

PDA device.png

Rugged PDAs, also known as industrial PDAs, are handheld devices designed for harsh environments. They can perform multiple functions such as data collection, processing, query, and transmission, and are more prevalent in large warehouse systems than scanners.

For example, in order picking, rugged handheld computers can display picking lists and guide workers through the process. For warehouses requiring advanced data collection, such as capturing product images or videos, rugged PDAs are also a better choice. 

RFID reader.png

With the innovative application of RFID technology in warehouse systems, HPRT has launched the handheld RFID reader, based on the M2 model but augmented with an RFID reading module, achieving more efficient inventory management. 

HPRT handheld RFID reader features a remarkable reading distance of up to 7-8 meters, allowing for the simultaneous scanning of multiple RFID tags. This capability greatly streamlines the process of scanning large, irregularly shaped items, perfect for immediate tracking and inventory management of large appliances, garments, and other stock. 

Moreover, its powerful battery life supports over 12 hours of continuous scanning, guaranteeing sustained productivity all day.

Barcode Printers

Effective warehouse barcoding depends on the production of clear, readable labels for materials, products, pallets, bins and more. Barcode printers have several types and the choice between handheld, desktop, or industrial barcode printers depends on the warehouse's size and specific needs. 

1. Handheld portable barcode printers offer the convenience of mobility, ideal for low-volume printing barcode labels on the go, like warehouse picking, receiving, and returns.

Handheld portable barcode printer.png

2. Desktop barcode printers are suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses and offer higher printing speeds and more features. They can batch print product barcodes, inventory labels, barcodes of storage bins, warehouse shelf and rack labels, shipping labels, and others.

barcode printers supporting various label materials.png

3. For industrial and manufacturing environments that demand heavy-duty, high-volume, and high-resolution printing, industrial barcode printers are the go-to choice. With robust metal construction and high-quality components, these industrial printers provide continuous, stable output over long periods. 

industrial barcode printers.png

Additionally, our industrial printers offer advanced features like RFID encoding, multiple printing options, and connectivity for integration with automated systems.

High-performance warehouse devices lay a solid foundation for efficient warehousing operations. HPRT, a reliable Chinese supplier and original factory, provides a comprehensive selection of premium warehouse hardware, including barcode scanners, printers and PDA terminals. Our products are engineered to enhance real-time data capture, ensure seamless connectivity, bolster security, and automate warehouse processes. 

Contact HPRT today to discover how our warehouse hardware solutions can streamline your operations and equip your business for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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