How to Print Custom Metallic Labels Easily and Affordably

2024-06-20 17:07

Metallic labels add a touch of elegance and sophistication to products, grabbing attention from potential customers. Custom metallic label printing has become a go-to choice for small businesses, home businesses, and handmade product creators, enhancing their product branding and packaging. In this article, we will guide you through the process of printing metallic labels easily and affordably.

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What Printing Effect of Metallic Labels Do You Need?

Before printing, you need to carefully consider several important questions.

● Do you require high gloss, matte, or a specific finish on the metallic labels? 

● Are there requirements for tamper-evident, waterproof, or scratch-resistant labels?

● Would you like to print in monochrome or color?

● What environment will the metallic stickers be exposed to? Will the sticker labels need to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, UV exposure, or chemical exposure?

By clarifying these questions, you'll gain the confidence to select the ideal label material and printing method.

For full-color metallic labels with rich details, inkjet or laser printers are the best choice. For monochrome text, graphics, and barcodes, thermal transfer metallic label printers are an economical and efficient option.

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A desktop metallic foil label printer can help you custom print text, logos, icons, lines, barcodes, QR codes, ingredient lists, and more on silver PET, silver PVC, gold, and silver foil labels. This is perfect for labeling cosmetics, food, and bath products in cans, jars, bottles, or packaging with personalized thank-you stickers. 

Especially for businesses with tight budgets and small print volumes, with a thermal label printer, you can print metallic stickers on demand, even single labels, preventing material waste. 

How to Print Custom Metallic Labels?

1. Order Blank Labels and Stickers

Start by selecting the necessary printing materials based on your desired print effect. 

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Choose the right size, shape, quantity, and material. Common materials include waterproof silver metallic film labels (e.g., silver PET, silver PVC labels), and printable metallic paper stickers.

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If you choose a common 4-inch thermal transfer printer for metallic label printing, be sure to pay attention to the inner core and outer diameter parameters of the label rolls. This ensures compatibility and prevents installation issues.

2. Design Your Metallic Labels

HPRT thermal transfer metallic label printer comes with free label editing software. It supports designing square, round, and custom-shaped labels. You can add time, icons, barcodes, images, and texts with a variety of beautiful fonts. It also offers many pre-designed label templates for quick editing.

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The modified label templates will be permanently saved in the cloud, convenient to use them next time.

3. Print Metallic and Foil Labels

Once your HPRT thermal metallic label printer and materials are ready, You can choose to print single labels or multiple labels at a time. 

For labels that include variable data such as product batch numbers, serial numbers, or barcodes, suggest using the software’s Excel import function for bulk printing.

For detailed steps, visit our blog post How to Print Labels from Excel.

These printed metallic labels can achieve a resolution of up to 300 dpi with strong text adhesion. Particularly, the metallic silver PET and PVC labels are oil-resistant, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and chemically resistant, providing excellent stability. They are suitable for food, cosmetics, and handmade products. Meanwhile, gold foil and silver foil labels are ideal for high-end custom products and gift packaging.

HPRT, a leading supplier of thermal and thermal transfer label printers in China, offers high-quality products for your labeling needs at competitive prices. For wholesale bulk purchases and OEM custom printers, please contact us for more information.

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