How to Choose a Movie Ticket Printer?

2024-06-21 16:34

Movie tickets serve as vital entry passes to theaters, recording viewing information and granting access to cinemas. With the rapid development of the movie industry, the demand for efficient and high-quality ticket printing has increased. Thermal printers, known for their speed and convenience, have become the primary choice for cinema and movie ticket printing. So, what should you consider when choosing a movie ticket printer?

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1. Printing Quality

Movie tickets are small but contain a lot of information, such as:

● Theater name

● Movie title

● Show time

● Ticket type

● Seat number

● Ticket number

● Price

● Barcode or QR code

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Thus, clarity is crucial. The text and images on cinema and movie tickets should be clear and easy to read, with no blurring or ghosting. A resolution of at least 203 DPI is recommended for cinema ticket printers. Also, choose a printer that supports various barcode formats to meet different ticketing needs.

2. Black Mark Positioning

Cinema tickets usually have standardized form layouts, requiring precise content placement within designated boxes. 

black mark detection.png

When selecting a movie ticket printer, ensure it supports black mark detection. 

The black mark is a short line marking the back of the ticket, which acts as a precise positioning reference when the ticket roll is fed through the printer. This enables accurate positioning of printed content, making the tickets look professional and tidy.

3. Auto Cutter Type

Given the high volume of daily ticket printing in cinemas, choosing a theater and cinema ticket printer with half-cut or full-cut functionality would greatly increase efficiency. 

Particularly half-cutting, it allows the printed ticket to remain slightly attached to the paper roll, making it easier to tear off, saving time and effort, especially when printing multiple tickets at once. Additionally, automatic cutters produce neater ticket edges.

4. Connectivity Interface

Cinema POS systems vary, so consider the interface type when choosing a ticket printer. Common interfaces include USB and Ethernet. To adapt to the trend of mobile POS systems, wireless thermal printers and cloud receipt printers are also good options.


HPRT thermal printers offer a range of models with high-quality, durable print heads, supporting up to 2 million automatic cuts. They are equipped with various paper detectors, including black mark detectors, to accurately and clearly print movie tickets.

Some models are very compact and have a stylish, premium appearance, very suitable for high-end cinemas.

space saving ticket printer.png

HPRT thermal receipt printers are stable and durable, providing various connection options and API interfaces for easy integration with movie ticket management systems and other devices. 

Additionally, HPRT offers ticket printer modules that can be embedded in self-service ticket machines and cinema ticketing kiosks, enhancing ticketing efficiency.

HPRT thermal receipt and ticket printers help you create an efficient and convenient movie ticketing experience!

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