HPRT N180: Handheld Industrial DPM Scanner for High-Precision and Durability

2024-06-19 16:38

DPM (Direct Part Marking) provides a durable and reliable way to mark and track products directly on surfaces like metal and ceramics using laser etching and dot peen methods. Unlike paper barcode labels, DPM offers enhanced longevity and reliability. The most common code type is the DataMatrix code due to its high encoding capacity and density.

DPM codes.png

However, traditional barcode scanners struggle with reading DPM codes on reflective surfaces like metal or ceramics. Low contrast and damaged marks and codes can significantly hinder accurate reading. To overcome these challenges and ensure reliable performance, specialized DPM scanners are required.

DPM code scanner.png

The HPRT N180 is a handheld industrial DPM barcode scanner designed to overcome these challenges. It quickly and accurately reads DPM codes on various materials and surfaces, including inkjet codes, laser-etched codes, dot peen codes, DM codes, and more.

1. Lightning-fast Recognition: The N180 direct part marking scanner uses advanced decoding algorithms to quickly recognize 2D codes, DataMatrix codes, high-density DPM codes, and damaged or blurred codes on reflective surfaces such as metal, ceramics, and curved surfaces.

2. High Adaptability: Equipped with a megapixel CMOS sensor, three-color illumination fill light, and laser crosshair aiming system, this handheld industrial DPM reader enhances barcode contrast. It works well in low light, bright light, and complex backgrounds, guaranteeing precise scanning in all conditions.

DPM code scanner with fast scanning.png

3. Rugged and Durable: With a 2.4-meter drop resistance, IP65 rating, and robust construction, the N180 DataMatrix code scanner is built to withstand harsh industrial environments, including dust, oil, and vibration, making it perfect for challenging settings. 

4. Versatile Connectivity: This DPM scanner supports RS-232, USB keyboard, and USB virtual serial port connections. It integrates easily with various devices and MES systems. A Bluetooth wireless version is available for enhanced mobility in warehouse environments.

The HPRT N180 2D CMOS DM barcode scanner is suitable for industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more:

Automotive: Efficiently scan DPM codes on engine parts, transmissions, and body components.

Aerospace: Ensure traceability by reading codes on aircraft engines and body components.

Electronics: Effortlessly scan codes on circuit boards and intricate electronic components.

Medical Devices: Scanning codes on implants and surgical instruments.

Logistics and Warehousing: Streamline operations by scanning codes on packages and pallets.

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As a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial scanning equipment, HPRT offers extensive experience in R&D and production. Our products include 1D and 2D barcode scanners, Bluetooth wireless barcode scanners, and industrial handheld PDAs. For bulk purchases, OEM customization, or secondary development, contact us!

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