2024 Popular Custom T-shirt Trends and Styles Using DTG Technology

2024-06-24 13:25

The market for personalized t-shirts is flourishing, with an ever-expanding canvas for self-expression. Particularly, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing allows for unlimited creativity in t-shirt customization. Let's explore the popular custom shirt design trends and styles for 2024, demonstrating the amazing print results of the HPRT DA067D direct-to-garment digital fabric printer.

Fruit-themed Custom T-shirts

Fruit-themed custom t-shirts are quite popular and can be a refreshing addition to any wardrobe. This trend taps into the playful and vibrant elements that fruits represent, often incorporating bold colors, fun graphics plus humorous puns.

Fruit themed Custom shirts.png

Custom shirts with fruit image.png

Pet Portraits T-shirts

Printing pet portraits on t-shirts is a popular custom shirt design trend in 2024. This trend has been widely adopted by pet owners and enthusiasts who want to showcase their love for their furry friends in a personalized and stylish way. 

Pet Portraits T shirts.png

Cartoon Portraits T-shirts

One of 2024's hottest custom apparel trends is AI-powered cartoon portraits and drawing caricatures on t-shirts! Just turn personal portraits into cartoonized versions by AI software and print them on t-shirts. 

This style is playful, personalized, and visually striking, and offers a unique way to express yourself or create a special gift.

Cartoon Portraits T shirts.png

Cartoon Portraits shirts.png

Family Cartoon T-shirts

Parent-child avatars, like personal cartoon avatars, are AI-generated cartoon images from high-resolution photos, ready for digital printing.

Custom printing family cartoon t-shirts appeal to a wide range of audiences, from parents looking for matching outfits with their children to extended families wanting to commemorate reunions or special occasions. It’s especially popular for events like family vacations, birthdays, and holidays.

Family Cartoon shirts.png

Chinese-style T-shirts

Chinese-style t-shirts often feature traditional Chinese elements such as dragons, phoenixes, Chinese characters, and classical beauties. Wearing them shows a sophisticated taste that appreciates the beauty of Chinese tradition combined with modern aesthetics.

Chinese style T shirts.png

The above custom shirts of varied styles, are created using the HPRT DA067D direct-to-garment textile printer. This innovative t-shirt digital printer boasts an all-in-one garment printing patent, along with our user-friendly software system for effortless image editing and color adjustment. The printed cotton t-shirts have a soft hand feel.

HPRT DA067D software.png

The HPRT DA067D is equipped with Kyocera print heads, and offers multiple resolutions and printing modes, delivering precise reproduction of intricate image details with vibrant, full-color prints. The printed cotton t-shirts have a soft hand feel.

dtg prints by HPRT DA067D.png

Clothing manufacturers and design studios are invited to contact us for more information and pricing of HPRT digital T-shirt printers and digital fabric printers.

HPRT DA067D digital printer.png

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