HPRT Thermal Transfer Printers: The Cross-Border E-Commerce Choice for Amazon FBA Labels

2023-12-12 16:23

In the global delivery and courier industry, thermal label printers, especially shipping label printers, are widely used. Many cross-border e-commerce and export businesses also choose these printers for Amazon FBA labels and product barcodes. However, due to the heat sensitivity and scratch vulnerability of thermal labels - such as the high temperatures in shipping containers causing barcode blurring and scanning issues - an increasing number of cross-border sellers are turning to thermal transfer printers to address these challenges.


Thermal Transfer Label Printers: Durable and Versatile for Amazon FBA Label Printing Needs

A thermal transfer printer, operates by melting ink from a ribbon (also called a carbon ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon) onto the paper, label, or other materials via a heated print head. This printing method produces long-lasting and clear results.

HPRT thermal transfer printer.png

Indeed, Amazon has specific requirements for product label printing, especially for sellers using its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. Amazon recommends using thermal transfer printers or laser printers for printing FBA product labels and Amazon box ID label, as they produce clear, durable labels that resist fading due to friction or long-term storage.

In contrast, labels produced by thermal technology are less durable under high temperatures and have a shorter shelf life, being subject to blurring or damage during transit due to heat, rain, and friction - significantly impacting the inventory process for Amazon sellers.

The thermal transfer label printer doesn’t have this issue. Its printed barcodes and labels can be stored for a long time, resistant to scratching, wear, and high temperatures. Remarkably, these label printers, when paired with different types of ribbons (wax, wax/resin, resin), offer strong adaptability for printing on various materials, such as synthetic paper, pearl paper, and silver paper.

Thermal transfer barcode label printer are seen in various industries like manufacturing, warehousing logistics, retail, and apparel, printing product labels, logistic labels, warehouse barcodes, and clothing care labels, meeting the high standards and diverse needs of different sectors.

Choosing the Best Label Printer for Amazon FBA

Amazon labels mainly include FBA product labels, Amazon ASIN labels, and box ID labels. Clear and complete labeling is crucial for the smooth transportation and storage of goods.

FBA product labels are generally small, with standard sizes of 1 x 2 inches (approximately 2.54 cm x 5.08 cm) or 1 x 3 inches (approximately 2.54 cm x 7.62 cm), while common sizes for Amazon ASIN labels and outer box labels are 4 x 6 inches. Thus, a 4-inch thermal transfer label printer can meet these needs.

1.HPRT Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers: Cost-Effective Amazon ASIN Label Printing Solution

For export businesses or cross-border sellers with small and modest printing volumes, the HPRT desktop 4-inch thermal transfer label printer is ideal.

HPRT desktop 4 inch thermal transfer label printer .png

The HPRT desktop barcode printers can achieve 300dpi printing precision, easily handling small-sized, content-dense product labels, logistic labels, and outer box labels, including barcodes (like ASIN, UPC, EAN), product names, brands, and other relevant details.

These affordable Amazon printers can print various 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics, logos, and complex characters. Using reflective and transmissive label detection technology, they achieve high-precision positioning and printing. Paired with the complimentary Bartender software, label editing and design become quicker and more professional.

2.HPRT Industrial Label Printers: High-Volume FBA Label Printing Solution

For large-scale printing needs, like several thousand labels per day, heavy-duty HPRT industrial barcode printers are required.

HPRT industrial barcode printer.png

The HPRT industrial barcode label printers, equipped with durable print heads, are ideal for harsh production line environments, continuously printing Amazon labels, FBA box ID labels, and product barcode labels.

HPRT industrial barcode printer used for labeling packages on production lines.png

Besides their large paper capacity, longevity, and fast printing speeds, these thermal transfer printers also boast excellent expandability.

Logistics companies and product manufacturers can add modules such as a label peeler or a cutter module, thereby enhancing functionality, according to their specific needs. HPRT industrial thermal transfer barcode printers are well-suited for a range of applications, including product manufacturing, warehouse logistics, and apparel production.

HPRT industrial barcode printer paired with high quality ribbons.png

Additionally, HPRT offers high-quality printing consumables, including ribbons and labels. Using HPRT’s high-quality wax-based ribbons, paired with premium coated paper, ensures efficient, high-quality printing of all types of Amazon labels, highly favored by export businesses and logistics companies.

HPRT operates its factories in China, equipped with 22 advanced movement production lines and 13 efficient whole machine production lines, ensuring high-quality products and stable supply.

If you’re considering batch purchasing Amazon FBA label printers, or seeking ODM/OEM label printer services, we warmly welcome your inquiries, looking forward to providing professional service and support for your printing needs.

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