Why Choose a 58mm Receipt Printer for Your Small Retail Businesses and Takeaway Shops?

2023-12-14 15:38

In the daily operations of small retail stores and takeaway restaurants, cost-effective equipment is key to enhancing efficiency and controlling costs. When it comes to choosing a POS printer, many small businesses prefer the 58mm receipt printer for its numerous advantages. So, what are the benefits of a 58mm POS printer, and is there any recommended model?

HPRT TP585 58mm receipt printer.png

Advantages of the 58mm Receipt Printer over 80mm Receipt Printer


Compared to the 80mm receipt printers, the 58mm printer is more affordable. A standard 58mm thermal receipt printer typically costs no more than $50, making it an entry-level choice for many branded businesses, while 80mm models are usually priced above $100.

2.Lower Consumable Costs

In retail stores and takeaway shops, there is a high demand for printing orders, receipts, and lists. Consequently, the cost of consumables becomes a significant consideration. The 58mm printer paper is more economical than the 80mm variant, helping to reduce long-term operational costs.

3.Compact Size, Space-Saving

For businesses with limited counter space, like small takeaway joints, the 58mm vs 80mm thermal printer, the former shows a clear advantage in size. The 58mm printer is more compact, occupying less space, making it an ideal fit even for small-scale stores.

While pursuing cost control, businesses also seek efficiency and quality. HPRT, as a trusted manufacturer of POS receipt printers, offers a range of comprehensive and feature-rich receipt printer products.

HPRT TP585 58mm receipt printers.png

Among them, the 58mm POS printer TP585 encompasses all the benefits of a standard 58mm thermal receipt printer. Additionally, it enhances performance significantly, establishing itself as an ideal choice for small businesses, convenience stores, and groceries. Its features include:

1.Clear Printing, Rich Content

HPRT TP585 58mm receipt printer generates clear printing.png

Supports barcode and QR code printing with flexible page modes. It can print a variety of graphics, logos, barcodes, and other complex combinations. Using a high-quality print head and HPRT’s specialized thermal paper, even compact text, small fonts, or QR codes are clear and easy to read.

2.Auto Cutter

Equipped with a sharp auto cutter supporting partial cuts, it eliminates the need for manual tearing, making cutting more neat and professional.

3.Simple Operation, Durable and Stable

HPRT TP585 58mm receipt printer has cutter jam free design.png

The front paper exit design makes it easy to load thermal paper rolls. Its unique dual cutter structure significantly improves the life of the cutter, enhancing durability. Moreover, the TP585 features an cutter-jam-free design, that easily resolves any jamming issues simply by opening the front cover.

4.Bluetooth Option

For those businesses seeking enhanced connectivity, we offer an optional Bluetooth-equipped version. Its dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 offers efficient and stable transmission, directly connecting to iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices for quick order and list printing. This 58mm Bluetooth thermal receipt printer also supports multiple system drivers including Windows, Linux, and OPOS, suitable for various operating environments.

Additionally, this receipt printer supports a paper-saving mode, potentially saving about 30% of paper, making it even more economical. The HPRT TP585 58mm receipt printer is stable, requires minimal maintenance, and is easy to set up.

With its clear and professional printing results, it is an ideal, both high-performing and affordable, POS receipt printer for small businesses like takeaway shops, restaurants, retail stores and other small businesses.

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