HPRT Launches Innovative Digital Textile Printers at ITMA Asia 2023: Hybrid, Dye Sublimation, Direct-to-Fabric

2023-12-11 15:56

At the recent ITMA Asia Exhibition in Shanghai, HPRT (Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) captivated attendees with the debut of three groundbreaking textile printers: DA18FS Hybrid Digital Textile Printer with Inline Pretreatment and Flatbed Screening, the DA186T Plus Textile Dye Sublimation Printer, and the DA188SL PRO MAX Belt Drive Direct-to-Fabric Textile Printer with Inline Pretreatment. These models, equipped with Kyocera print heads, meet diverse printing requirements, underscoring our commitment to speed, clarity, and quality in the digital textile printing sector.

HPRT Launches Innovative Digital Textile Printers at ITMA Asia 2023.png

DA18FS Hybrid: Advanced Digital Textile Printer with Inline Pretreatment and Flatbed Screening Features

The DA18FS Hybrid Digital Fabric Printer was a highlight at the exhibition. This digital textile printing machine represents a cutting-edge hybrid digital printing solution in China, merging the advantages of traditional and digital printing.

HPRT DA18FS Hybrid Digital Textile Printers at ITMA Asia 2023.png

Impressively, this model was custom-developed for a Fujian-based swimwear digital printing enterprise, showcasing a broad ten-color channel gamut. HPRT remarkably transformed the DA18FS Hybrid from concept to market-ready in just six months.

As a versatile digital textile printing machine, the DA18FS Hybrid integrates the rotary screen, digital, and flat screen printing technologies. Its unique system harmoniously combines these methods, making it suitable for a variety of knitted and woven fabrics.

Featuring 64 Kyocera industrial-grade print heads, the digital segment of this textile printer achieves an impressive output of 1080m²/hour in 2-pass mode. Its efficiency, coupled with cost-effectiveness, makes it ideal for large-scale production.

The rotary screen segment uses advanced ’wet print’ technology to enhance ink penetration and reduce usage, while the flat screen segment offers flexible printing techniques like hot stamping.

Moreover, the DA18FS Hybrid boasts a custom control system, an integrated frame design, a continuous tension-free fabric feed mechanism, and an automated alignment system for pasting and digital printing, ensuring smooth operation for mass production.

DA186T Plus: Leading the Way in High-Speed Textile Dye Sublimation Printing

HPRT latest offering, the DA186T Plus High-Speed Textile Dye Sublimation Printer, stands out in the competitive polyester fabric printing market. This fabric printer, designed specifically for polyester, features 24 Kyocera industrial-grade print heads, achieving an output of 1080m²/hour in 1-pass mode.

HPRT DA186T Plus High-Speed Textile Dye Sublimation printer.png

It is engineered for efficiency, with a precision-focused drive and ink supply system, supporting up to six-color printing. The large capacity, floor-standing ink system also reduces ink replenishment frequency, ensuring quality production at high volumes.

DA188SL Pro MAX: Innovative Belt-Type Direct-to-Fabric Digital Printer

The DA188SL Pro MAX Belt-Type Digital Direct-to-Fabric Printer exemplifies HPRT’s commitment to innovation. Equipped with 18 industrial-grade print heads, it achieves 270m²/hour in 2-pass mode.

HPRT DA188SL Pro MAX Belt-Type Direct-to-Fabric Digital Printer.png

This model streamlines the printing process by integrating fabric pre-treatment, enhancing print color vibrancy and texture. Advanced features like an automatic print head cleaning system, a moisturizing system, and an automatic belt cleaning and maintenance system simplify operation and maintenance, enabling efficient single-person operation.

Dedicated to sustainable development, HPRT is shaping a prosperous future for the digital printing industry. Its cutting-edge printers provide versatile solutions for various sectors, including apparel, home textiles, and industrial fabrics. HPRT, an innovative Chinese textile printer manufacturer and custom fabric printing solution supplier, is eager to collaborate with partners to innovate and advance in the printing industry.

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