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DA18FS Hybrid

Online Sizing Flat Bed Screen+Digital Textile Printer - DA18FS Hybrid

Online Sizing Flat Bed Screen+Digital Textile Printer-HPRT DA18FS Hybrid

64Kyocera industrail print heads, print speed up to 1080㎡/h(@2pass)

High efficiency, low cost, flexible combination of multiple processes to shape the excellent quality of printing, ultra-high cost-effective to meet the needs of high-volume printing production.

●Online sizing technology: realisation of hybrid technologies and process combinations

Using high-speed digital textile printing technology equipped with a mature online sizing flat bed screen machine.Through the special combination and control system, the combined systems of digital textile printing, flat bed screen and online sizing mechanism work in perfect coordination, giving full play to the advantages of each system, maximising production capacity, and adapting to high-volume and high-quality printing production. Special or customised processes can also be realised using flat bed screens.

●Wet paste process: Reduced ink usage, good penetration, vibrant colours

The use of mature "wet" printing technology, the best colour penetration after the application of wet paste, ink permeability enhancement, reduce the use of ink at the same time, improve ink penetration, colour uniformity and fullness, improve colour saturation and ink colouring rate.

●Perfectly compatible: the self-developed control system is perfectly compatible with flat bed screen models

HPRT's self-developed control system, integrated design of the machine base, tension-free uninterrupted fabric feeding mechanism, sizing and digital automatic register alignment, tension-free drying, and other system combinations run smoothly, paving the way for high-volume printing production.


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