HPRT DA186T PLUS : The Best Flag Printing Machine in Polyester Fabric Flag and Banner Printing

2023-12-08 15:36

In the ever-evolving landscape of flag printing, the choice of the right flag printer and printing technique is a tough job. The impact of high-quality printing in producing eye-catching advertising flags or bespoke banners is undeniable. This guide aims to introduce applications and techniques of flag printing and recommends HPRT DA186T PLUS, an ideal flag printing machine, perfectly suited for polyester fabric flag and banner printing.

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Diverse Applications of Flag Printing

Flags are extensively used in a variety of settings, including festive celebrations, mall promotions, exhibitions, and company inaugurations. These flags encompass a range of styles such as promotional flag signs, versatile banner pop up flags, and various hanging banners.


The materials used for these flags are as diverse as their applications, including cotton, polyester, blends, satin, and canvas. Each material brings its unique characteristics to the table. For instance, polyester is particularly notable for its durability. It can maintain color vibrancy well and stay visually striking over time.

Comparing Flag Printing Techniques

Flag printing technology typically employs either silk screen printing or digital textile printing techniques.

Traditional silk screen printing has its merits, particularly for large batches. However, the rise of digital textile printing has revolutionized the industry.

Nowadays, the demand for customized, small-batch printing is increasing. Digital textile printing eliminates the need for physical screens or plates, and streamlines the production process. It efficiently handles complex, varied designs while meeting high precision requirements. Moreover, digital printing is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods.

So, digital fabric printing offers unparalleled flexibility and quality, especially for custom flag printing, and has gained more popularity.

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Many customers and flag fabric manufacturers in the market today choose polyester, a cost-effective and durable material. As previously discussed, it has great color retention properties. Additionally, polyester fabric is easy to clean and maintain and it offers strong functionality for various types of flags, such as promotional flags, advertising flag signs, and decorative banners.

Dye sublimation textile printers excel with this fabric. In this process, sublimation ink is first printed onto transfer paper. Then, under high heat, the ink is transferred from the paper to the fabric. This method embeds the color deeply into the fabric fibers, ensuring vibrant, durable prints that resist fading and withstand various weather conditions.

Highlighting HPRT DA186T PLUS Flag Printing Machine

DA186T PLUS dye-sublimation digital textile printer.png

The HPRT DA186T PLUS, a high-performance dye sublimation textile printer, launched recently, is primarily designed for synthetic fibers like polyester.

It produces vibrant, wash-resistant colors, including gradients and detailed images, feats challenging for traditional screen printing. Ideal for printing various flags, posters, and soft signage, especially in custom flag printing, its product highlights include:

1.High-Speed Printing

DA186T PLUS polyester flag printing machine is equipped with 24 Kyocera industrial print heads, optimized for faster printing speeds and efficiency.

DA186T PLUS dye sublimation digital textile printer.png

High-speed mode achieves up to 1080 m²/hour, catering to large-scale, multiple order printing needs. It offers various printing modes like 1-pass, 2-pass, and 3-pass, with flexible resolution settings, reaching 3-pass 600*1200dpi in high-precision mode.

2.Excellent Color Fastness

Versatile in printing patterns, this flag printing machine produces clear, vivid images that are fade-resistant and durable against rubbing. All prints can withstands sun exposure and rain, ensuring excellent color fastness.

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Besides, the DA186T PLUS polyester fabric flag banner printer can automatically adapt to different paper weights, supporting as light as 31g/m² thermal transfer paper, for cost efficiency.

3.Flexible Color Channel Options

Beyond standard CMYK, this digital sublimation printing machine offers 2 additional color channels, providing richer and more flexible custom color solutions to meet personalized needs.

4.Smart Systems

DA186T PLUS is equipped with an intelligent automatic cleaning and maintenance system, featuring one-touch automatic printhead cleaning and a moisturizing system. This enhances the machine’s output stability and enables single-operator use.

5.Wide Applicability

This textile sublimation printing machine has an effective printing width of 1850mm, suitable for large-format posters, flag, and soft signage, like exhibition posters and inflatable signboards. Beyond these, the digital fabric printer DA186T PLUS is also applicable for outdoor uses like tents and parasols, indoor decorations like wall hangings and cushions, and functional apparel such as swimsuits and yoga wear.

The right flag printer can elevate your printing game. The HPRT DA186T PLUS flag printing machine is a prime example, offering versatility, quality, and efficiency. For fabric manufacturers and flag or banner processors looking for a flag printer or a digital textile printer, feel free to contact us. HPRT, a reliable Chinese textile printer manufacturer, is committed to providing you with customized digital printing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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