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2022-08-23 16:52

Brief Statement on the Development of the Manufacturing Industry

From the 1760s to the 1840s, the first industrial revolution was first initiated in England. Since then, machine production has begun to replace manual labor, and the factory system has emerged. The manufacturing industry has begun to develop rapidly and gradually rise to become an important part of the world economic structure worldwide.

The importance of the manufacturing industry for economic development cannot be underestimated. It can provide a steady stream of products, labor, technical knowledge, capital, and other elements for the industrial chain and supply chain circulation system. It has strong economies of scale, high tradability, and technological progress which provides an indispensable material guarantee for the stable operation and healthy development of the economy and society. At the same time, the development of the manufacturing industry profoundly affects economic growth, industrial structure upgrading, and ecological environmental protection, and other aspects. Therefore, the development level of the manufacturing industry can directly reflect the productivity level of a country.

With the rapid rise and development of a new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, and big data, the world’s fourth industrial revolution is quietly approaching. Under this new situation, intelligent manufacturing will inevitably become a new development mode in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the original manufacturing industry based on the standardization of large-scale assembly line production is bound to gradually change to a more user-oriented, intelligent, and personalized one for the purpose of customization of production mode.

In the process of intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the intelligence of equipment is an important part of it. The main body of realizing intelligent manufacturing is intelligent equipment. Therefore, the application of intelligent equipment also plays a very important role in realizing the intelligence of production methods, management methods, and service methods. Only by realizing the intelligence of the overall elements of the manufacturing industry, can we finally realize the intelligent manufacturing that adapts to the trend of the times.

HPRT Industrial Label Printers Help You Build an Intelligent Industry

industrial label printer

The global manufacturing industry has developed into many categories after a long period of time, including agriculture and food processing industry, food manufacturing, textile, furniture manufacturing industry, printing and recording media reproduction industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, metal products industry, general equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, electrical machinery, and equipment manufacturing, computer, communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing, and other industries. Due to the requirements of laws, regulations, and industry standards, labels are widely used in these industry sectors.

HPRT industrial label printer series can print address labels, clothing labels, automobile labels, trash can labels, logistics and transportation labels, chemical labels, compliance labels, component labels, item identification labels, and other types of labels. HPRT industrial label makers are widely applied in logistics tracking, warehouse management, inventory management, quality control, etc. HPRT is proud to supply industrial barcode label printers that fully meet the needs of various industries in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, the HPRT R&D team also pays great attention to the concept of personalization and intelligence when they develop the industrial barcode label printer series.

1. Adopt direct thermal and thermal transfer dual printing mode, so that you can choose flexibly according to your specific needs;

2. Supports a variety of printing media, and is equipped with special label editing software to meet your individual needs to the greatest extent;

3. The printer sensor comes with a variety of detection functions and supports a variety of programming languages, showing intelligence.

At present, the new technological revolution and technology-driven industrial transformation are taking place quietly, and the intelligent and personalized mode will become the mainstream in the manufacturing industry someday. As a high-tech enterprise that has been working in the printer industry for more than 17 years, HPRT has done a lot of research on the intelligence of printing equipment. Therefore, if you have any needs or questions about manufacturing label printing, please leave us a message for consultation. We look forward to working with you to jointly promote the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

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