Custom Shoe Tongue and Shoebox Label Printing Solution

2024-01-31 13:52

Shoe manufacturers require custom printing for various labels, especially shoe tongue labels and shoebox labels. These labels often contain detailed information such as brand logos, sizes, origin, and care instructions, making their layout complex. Moreover, they come in diverse label materials. Choosing a versatile, high-performing, and user-friendly label printer is crucial for shoe factories and manufacturers.

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HPRT industrial label printers are ideal for bulk printing in the footwear and apparel industries, can handle

HPRT industrial label printer.png

1. Common shoe tongue labels in white or black, like TPU sports shoe labels and nylon fabric labels.

2. Clothing tags, care labels, sew-in labels, and size tags.

3. Apparel and shoe hangtags.

4. Shoebox adhesive labels and packing labels.

High Performance

The HPRT label printer is robust and durable, featuring a high-strength print head with up to 600dpi precision and high-duty continuous bulk printing shoe labels.

It also includes multi-media detection technology and supports one-click paper calibration, effectively preventing print misalignment due to label thickness variations or roller wear. Thus, it precisely prints high-resolution shoe tongue label designs, multilingual text, various brand logos, care symbols, and all types of barcodes and QR codes.

For shoebox labels with inventory barcodes and product qr codes, the HPRT industrial barcode printer supports variable content printing, including batch numbers, item numbers, and barcodes. 

This feature aids in inventory management for manufacturers and enables retail staff to quickly scan these high-definition barcodes with handheld PDAs for inventory checks and customer queries.

High-Capacity Carbon Ribbon 

The HPRT industrial-grade label printer also boasts a large-capacity carbon ribbon, up to 600m, offering uninterrupted printing. Its color touchscreen interface enhances user interaction. 

Strong Expandability

Additionally, its expandability, like the optional rotary cutter module, precisely cuts soft fabric and film labels such as wash labels, sew-in labels, and shoe tongue labels, speeding up the labeling process for manufacturers.

HPRT industrial label printer use withBartender label design software.png

Paired with Bartender label design software, the HPRT industrial label printer enables users to quickly custom sneaker tongue and shoebox label content, layout with ease. 

Our printers are compatible with multiple printing protocols like TSPL, ZPL, DPL, for excellent compatibility. And it provides optional Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and label applicator interfaces for flexibility.

HPRT industrial label printers can handle the complex layouts and various materials of shoe tongue labels and shoebox labels, delivering high precision and professional quality. If you are an apparel manufacturer, tongue label supplier or shoe processor seeking to enhance label printing efficiency and quality, contact us. The HPRT industrial label printer will add value and momentum to your business.

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