Photocard Printing with MT53 Mini Photo Printer: Bringing Photos to Life

2024-02-01 15:21

Photocard printing is rapidly gaining popularity among young people who enjoy creating photo collections and photo walls from these printed mementos. Photocards can capture a variety of subjects, from stunning landscapes and dynamic Kpop star performance photos to intriguing candid shots and cherished family Photos. But how to print Kpop photocards which can come alive and relive those unforgettable memories? Today, we're going to share how using the HPRT MT53 Mini Photo Printer can bring to life animated photocards and Kpop photo cards.

print phogocards.png

1. Install the HeyPhoto Photo Printing App

The first step is to install the HeyPhoto app. This powerful photo printing software application, developed by HPRT for its range of portable photo printers, combines various photo editing modules such as photo printing, photo collage, ID photo printing, and AR printing. HeyPhoto app features user-friendly interface, easy for anyone to navigate and unleash their creativity. 

HPRT heyphoto app.png

This app’s AR video printing capability is the secret to making photos come alive, and it also allows users to add emoji texts, filters, frames, and more, personalizing your Kpop photocard printing experience.

2. Connect Your Phone to the MT53 Mini Photo Printer

Simply turn on your phone's Bluetooth and select "Add Device" in the HeyPhoto app to connect to the MT53 photo printer. 

3. Choose a Video to Print

The app's "AR video" module lets you pick your preferred video clip. If the original video exceeds 15 seconds, you can trim it to a 15-second segment. 

AR print of HPRT heyphoto app.png

Then, select the frame you wish to print, either from the video or your phone's gallery. Whether it’s a travel adventure, a party scene, a slice of daily life, an animated clip, or a stunning Kpop star performance, the choice is yours.

4. Print the Photo

Printing the photocard is where the magic happens. The HeyPhoto app offers two printing options: a frame from your video or a picture from your gallery. 

After selecting your photo, hit "Print." The MT53 mini photocard printer uses advanced ZINK zero-ink printing technology, ensuring fast printing with vivid and clear results. Moreover, the printed photocards come with an adhesive back, easy to stick them into a journal, photo log, or album, effortlessly preserving those precious moments.

AR prints with HPRT photo printer.png

Finally, bring your photos to life by using the app's top-right "AR" scan feature. This innovative function transforms the static image in your hands into a dynamic video, offering a completely new interactive experience. 

The MT53 is one the best printers for photocards. It turns static pictures into vivid, moving images. This cutting-edge printing method will undoubtedly elevate your photocard album and collection, making your Kpop photocard printing more vibrant and enjoyable.

HPRT, a notable supplier in China's color photo printer market, offers a wide range of portable photo and smartphone printers. Our products feature both ZINK zero-ink and dye-sublimation printing technologies. We welcome bulk purchasers, resellers, and brands seeking custom solutions to contact us for potential collaboration opportunities.

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