Best POS Printers for the Hotel and Lodging Industry in 2024

2024-06-07 15:19

In the hotel and lodging industry, POS printers are essential for printing clear bills, tickets, and invoices, from the front desk to bars, and from spas to wellness centers. With increasing competition, hotels require reliable and smart POS systems and printers to facilitate smooth transactions, enhance guest experiences, and manage various services efficiently.

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Emerging Trends and Innovations in Hotel Pos Sytems and Printers

The hotel industry is adopting new trends and innovations in POS systems and printers to boost operational efficiency and improve customer experience. These advancements are driven by technological progress, changing consumer behaviors, and increased security demands.

● Cloud-Based POS Systems: Integration with cloud-based systems for real-time data access and remote management. 

● Mobile POS Solutions: The rising use of mobile POS printers enhances flexibility and service delivery, enabling staff to process transactions anywhere within the hotel premises.

● Contactless Payment Integration: Support for NFC and other contactless payment methods meets the evolving preferences of consumers for quick and secure payment options. 

● Enhanced Security Features: Advanced security features, such as encryption and secure data transmission, protect guest information and transaction data, ensuring high levels of security and trust.

Best POS Printers for Hotel and Lodging

HPRT, a leading POS printer supplier and source factory in China, develops and manufactures a wide range of portable and desktop thermal receipt printers, to meet the diverse application needs of the hotel and lodging industry. Today, we recommend some representative POS printer products.

HPRT TP807 3-Inch Thermal POS Printer

TP807 3 Inch Thermal POS Printer.png

The HPRT TP807 high-speed receipt printer features a brand-new structural design, offering a premium look that complements high-end hotels.

With an impressive max speed of 350mm/s, this 3-inch thermal POS printer operates highly efficiently during busy periods at hotel front desks, restaurants, and spas. It produces concise, high-resolution text, graphics, and barcode receipts and invoices.

cutter jam free design.png

The HPRT TP807 also boasts a unique cutter jam-free design; simply open the cover to clear any cutter jams, very user-friendly. This feature is particularly useful during rush times, allowing receipt printing work to resume instantly.

● Ultra-fast printing at 350mm/s

● High-quality print head supporting 2 million cuts

● Top or front paper exit options, with full and partial cut support

● Multi-language printing, catering to international guests.

● Voice broadcast function for timely fault reminders

HPRT TP808 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

TP808 thermal pos printer.png

The TP808 is a compact square receipt printer, approximately 30% smaller than standard receipt printers. It’s ideal for space-constrained areas such as hotel front desks and bar counters. 

TP808 thermal pos printer with stand.png

This 80mm receipt printer supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and with an optional tablet stand, it can easily form a simple, economical, and flexible mPOS system with devices like iPads.

● Fast printing speed up to 260 mm/sec

● Compact and elegant design

● Flexible paper exit options (top and front), supporting full and partial cut

● Multiple interfaces, including USB, Serial Port, Ethernet, and optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

With the growing popularity of cloud technology, the TP808-i cloud receipt printer has become widely embraced. This cloud POS printer supports HiPOS SDK (Windows, iOS, and Android), enabling Web and Cloud-based printing.

It features three USB host ports for devices such as scanners, customer displays, tablets, and more, ideal for tablet-based POS system.

HPRT HM-E200 Portable POS Printer

The HPRT HM-E200 2-inch mobile receipt printer is lightweight and portable, supporting Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices such as phones or PDAs for wireless printing. 

HM E200 2 inch mobile receipt printer.png

Waitstaff can print restaurant order lists, bar drink order receipts, bills, and more on-site, allowing customers to conveniently verify their orders.

● Supports Bluetooth wireless printing

● Lightweight and portable with a large-capacity battery for extended printing

● Equipped with Black Mark Detector and Gap Detector for precise printing

● User-friendly interface

● Various SDKs for different OS including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, etc

TP808 integrated in the kiosks.png

In addition, we offer kiosk printers that can be seamlessly integrated into various check-in kiosks, food and beverage ordering kiosks, event and meeting room booking kiosks, and concierge service self-service machines in hotels.

HPRT, your trusted supplier partner for hotel POS printers, invites you to contact us for more product information or to visit our factory.

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