Best Logo Printers for Small Businesses in 2024

2024-07-09 17:18

A logo is the soul of a brand, much like a friendly face that leaves a lasting impression. For small retailers, home businesses, and DIY crafters, it's routine work to print logo stickers and labels for product labeling and packaging. Here, we will recommend the best logo printers for small businesses to help you achieve professional-quality and cost-effective logo printing.

1. 3-inch Thermal Label Printer SL32 - The Budget Choice

hprt label printer.png

For small businesses looking for a cost-effective option, the 3-inch thermal label printer SL32 is an excellent choice.

This compact desktop label printer uses direct thermal printing technology, so you won't need to worry about ink or toner. Just pop in some thermal label paper, and you're good to go.

thermal labels.png

With a wide variety of thermal label materials available, like Kraft Brown, thermal silver, transparent labels, and even colorful options like gradients, you can easily find the perfect match for your product and packaging style.

Supporting up to 80mm/3-inch labels in width, this logo printer can handle square, round, oval, and other uniquely shaped stickers with ease.

The SL32 logo label printer can precisely print your company logos, slogans, product prices, graphics, and QR codes. These custom printed logo stickers are perfect for labeling fresh food, deli foods, drinks, DIY candles, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, and gifts, as well as for use as wrapping and sealing stickers on packaging boxes and bags.

It's super easy to load paper and maintain, making it perfect for beginners. Plus, you can adjust the printing speed and density as needed.

And the best part? HPRT provides free label design software with numerous templates to help you quickly create and customize logo labels.

For a more in-depth guide on the steps of logo sticker printing, check out How to Make and Print Custom Candle Labels?

2. 4-inch Thermal Transfer Label Printer HT300 - The Versatile Performer

hprt HT300 thermal transfer label printer.png

For those who need more versatility and durability in your logo sticker printing, the 4-inch Thermal Transfer Label Printer HT300 is the go-to option.

This logo printer uses dual mode direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, so it can handle various label materials, including thermal paper, coated paper, plastic labels, silver labels, metallic labels, and film labels like PET and PVC.

various label materials.png

For instance, if you need to stick logos on bath products, you can opt for silver labels with excellent waterproof properties and texture. For high-temperature resistant labels, consider PET material labels.

The HT300 thermal transfer printer is not only user-friendly but also allows easy switching of labels and ribbons and offers flexible settings adjustments to achieve optimal printing results.

3. Fabric Label Printer Prime - A Must-Have for Custom Apparel Studios

fabric tag.png

Custom apparel studios and clothing factories need to print logos on fabrics and then sew them onto clothing to showcase the brand image.

The HPRT Prime fabric label printer is perfect for these needs, offering top-notch logo printing on a variety of fabrics.

This thermal transfer printer can clearly print company logos, size information, various washing symbols, and care information on polyester, nylon, satin, and other fabrics.

Additionally, the Prime can be equipped with a rotary cutter to precisely cut fabric labels to the required size in bulk. Once sewn onto clothes, these labels are wash-resistant and durable, significantly enhancing your brand's visibility and perceived quality.

The above-recommended logo printers are easy to set up, maintain, and very durable. HPRT specializes in producing a wide range of label printers, backed by years of industry experience and advanced technology.

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We offer high-quality logo sticker printers and comprehensive after-sales services. We support bulk customization, OEM/ODM, and wholesaling. Feel free to contact us for procurement.

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