Best Waterproof Label Printers and Makers of 2024

2024-07-10 17:31

Whether labeling food with expiration dates at home or creating asset tags for your company, waterproof label printing is essential. In factory workshops, labels must also resist high temperatures and sunlight. This article will recommend top waterproof label printers and makers from HPRT. Using direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, these printers offer durable printing solutions for individuals, businesses, and manufacturers alike.

Best Picks for Waterproof Label Printers

1. HPRT Handheld Label Printer Qutie

qutie label maker.png

HPRT Qutie is a handheld label printer suitable for personal and home uses.

This portable label maker supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity, making it easy to edit and print personalized labels anytime, anywhere using the HPRT smart app. You can create labels with various fonts, names, dates, graphics, icons, funny emojis, barcodes, and QR codes.

The Qutie uses direct thermal printing with HPRT's original label materials, featuring a protective surface layer. The printed labels are waterproof, oil-resistant, and wear-resistant. 

Perfect for labeling kitchen jars, fridge and pantry food containers, wardrobe bins, as well as cosmetics and medicine with expiration dates, it's the best way to print waterproof labels at home!

bottle jar labels.png

HPRT's original label materials for the Qutie are BPA-free, making them safe for use by your family and children.

This Bluetooth label maker supports 15mm labels with a built-in cutter for one-button cutting and can print both gap and continuous labels, handling large printing tasks with ease. 

continuous labels.png

gap labels.png

2. HPRT General-Purpose Thermal Label Printer SL32

SL32 3 inch thermal label printer.png

The HPRT SL32 is a versatile 3-inch thermal label printer, perfect for small businesses. 

Using HPRT’s specialized three-proof thermal paper, the SL32 produces durable prints that are waterproof, oil-resistant, and alcohol-resistant. This makes it ideal for clothing stores, convenience stores, boutique retailers, and beverage shops, especially bubble tea and drink shops.

bread label.png

bubble tea labels.png

The HPRT SL32 weatherproof label printer is suitable for bulk printing durable clothing tags, price labels, shelf labels, deli and bakery tags, and drink and bubble tea labels. 

This thermal label printer is easy to operate with smooth paper feeding and precise printing. It ensures that the labels are neatly printed and the text is clear, meeting all the labeling needs of the catering and retail industry.

3. HPRT Thermal Transfer Label Printer HT300

HT 300 thermal transfer label printer.png

For a more durable labeling solution, such as QR code asset labels for factory equipment that must withstand high temperatures, lubricants, and acid-base corrosion, or outdoor plant labels exposed to sunlight and rain, it is recommended to choose the HPRT 4-inch thermal transfer label printer HT300.

As one of the best waterproof label printers, the HT300 uses thermal transfer printing technology and is compatible with various consumables, including commonly used outdoor durable plastic labels and asset label materials such as PP, PET, and PVC. Its applications include:

various label materials.png

● Printing PET asset tags and equipment labels

● Printing waterproof product labels and warehousing labels

● Printing clear waterproof and clear vinyl labels

● Printing durable prescription labels

● Printing PVC and plastic plant labels

The HT300 plastic label printer is equipped with a high-quality print head and transmissive and reflective sensors, ensuring precise positioning on different materials. It can also be flexibly equipped with various accessories to further enhance operational efficiency.

label printer accessories.png

HPRT's high-quality premium waterproof label printer only requires labels and ribbons, with no need for toner or ink, eliminating any ink wash issues. It is user-friendly, even for beginners.

A waterproof label printer is a lucrative opportunity, meeting the growing demand for durable labels in various industries, ensuring longevity and resilience in harsh environments, from retail environments to outdoor equipment and industrial settings.

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HPRT, a leading label printer manufacturer in China, offers cost-effective waterproof label printing machines for various industries. Resellers and customers with custom needs are welcome to contact us for more information. 

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