What is A Kitchen Receipt Printer and Why Use It?

2022-09-08 16:52

For most people, the kitchen is a place to cook food. But for the catering business, it is also often the place where orders are taken and prepared. In a relatively noisy environment like a kitchen of a restaurant, if you want to take orders in time so as not to affect the customer’s experience, a kitchen receipt printer that can print instantly can be of great help.

Thermal POS Printer for Kitchen

What is a kitchen receipt printer?

A kitchen(restaurant) receipt printer is used to print customer orders in a restaurant, bar, or kitchen. And chef and other staff can prepare the food based on the receipt.

The kitchen printers are generally direct thermal printers. The heated TPH(thermal printer head) contacts with the thermal receipt paper and a chemical reaction occur on the surface of the thermal paper, and then text or images are generated. A direct thermal printer requires no ink, toner, or ribbon. And it is cost-saving, durable, and easy to use.

Why Use a kitchen receipt printer?

The printed order tickets are inevitably exposed to the heat and humid kitchen and can easily cause contaminated by oil and water. The kitchen printer is a special printer developed for the special environment of the kitchen. The printed text is not easy to be blurred, so it can better ensure the integrity and correctness of the order. And a kitchen receipt printer usually has good waterproof and oil fume resistance.

In addition, the kitchen printer can be connected to the POS cashier system at the front desk, so it can print out the customer’s order ticket instantly, saving the time of manual prompting and improving the service efficiency of the restaurant.

Chefs and staff cut vegetables, chop meat, boil water, stir-fry vegetables, etc. in the kitchen. So there is a lot of noise during the preparation process. It is easy to miss cooking, make wrong dishes, or delay serving if the staff can’t hear the signal sound, and finally may cost the reputation of the restaurant.

Therefore, a kitchen receipt printer with an alarm function is very important for kitchens in the catering industry.

HPRT KP806 PLUS has an updated warning device than traditional kitchen printers. With warning lights and high power alarms, staff in the kitchen and restaurant can immediately receive the printer signal even in a noisy environment.

HPRT thermal POS printers have been exported to 60+ countries. If you are a printer distributor, or reseller, or are looking for a thermal kitchen printer supplier for your projects, HPRT is ready to support you.

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