Five Uses of Mini Label Printers to Create Exquisite Home Life

2022-09-15 17:38

Labels are like library indexes. No matter how many things are in the house, you can quickly find them by looking at the labels. At the same time, labeling can also make a messy house neat and orderly. Therefore, label printers are more and more popular among households.

mini label maker

So, what can label printers do in home life? Is there any magic trick you don’t know about? Today, let’s take a look at the HPRT mini label maker, H11, and see what application scenarios it has.

Makeup organizer

1. Makeup organizer

For girls who love beauty, there must be a variety of cosmetics and skincare products at home. It’s easy to forget the expiration date of these products because there are too many of them. For some foreign or niche cosmetics and skin care products, it is easy to forget their names and functions after unpacking.

Simply use the HPRT mini label maker H11 to print the expiration date labels, name labels, and effects labels when unpacking. It can greatly improve the efficiency of makeup, and the management of cosmetics.

Kitchen storage

2. Kitchen storage

There are many jars and cans of spices in the kitchen. And they can be misused if they are not labeled. The food stored in the refrigerator has a shelf life. If you don’t keep track of them, they are already expired before you eat them . Use the portable label-making machine to mark the names of various condiments so that they can be easily identified and placed. You can also label the shelf life of various food in your refrigerator. Kitchen tableware for different use scenarios can also be labeled with H11 to prevent confusion.

Label the cabinet

3. Distinguish other similar items

Various data cables, charging cables, switch panels, documents, etc. are not easy to find the one you want because of the same appearance or high similarity. At this time, you can use the H11 mini label printer to classify data cables or documents; you can make a good distinction between home switches to prevent misuse of switches; you can also mark all kinds of clothes and shoes so that you can say goodbye to rummaging through boxes.

4. Simplified version of instructions

In addition to the regular markings and storage, the labels printed by the H11 can also be used as simplified instructions to record key information. For example, some of the elderly always forget how to use the small appliances, and just attaching the label with simple instructions on it can guide them on how to use the home appliances.

Handbook DIY

5. Handbook DIY

H11 mini sticker printer machine is also a good tool for making beautiful handbooks. You can use the HPRT label editing app Sorticker or HerePrint App to edit DIY stickers. Sorticker or HerePrint have a wide range of stickers, emoticons, etc., and you can make sticky notes to record interesting things in life, inspirational quotes, or whispers between couples, making life more interesting and ritualistic.

With its exquisite appearance, simple and portable printing experience, interesting and colorful template styles, and rich and diverse applications, HPRT H11 mini label printer meets the needs of marking and storage in home life, making it easy for you to be the designer of exquisite life. Have you learned all these wonderful uses of the label machine?

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