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2022-09-07 17:44

In a world of repeated epidemics and economic downturns, global manufacturing companies generally face the dilemma: rising upstream raw material prices, rising labor costs in the midstream, and sluggish downstream demand. How to maintain long-term survival and stable growth against the trend has become a heated concern for many manufacturing companies.

HPRT printer products

Since 2022, HPRT, the top printer brand in China, has performed great, with its market share has not declined but increased. Especially in the home printing segment, some core products have achieved an MoM growth of more than 50%, providing a powerful example of sustained growth. So, how did HPRT do it? Can manufacturing companies get a glimpse of the secret of continuous and stable growth of the company? In fact, except for continuously deepening product quality and technological innovation, the digital transformation of enterprises is also a strong shield for HPRT to maintain strong and stable growth.

Visionary layout and digitalization to consolidate the basic business plan of Chinese printing

Data from a study of 16,000 companies showed that, after going through digital transformation, their productivity increased by an average of 70%. This means that the production efficiency of digital enterprises far exceeds that of traditional enterprises. And digital transformation is an important means for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.

HPRT workshop

HPRT has been exploring and deploying enterprise digital transformation for many years. The first is "data input", HPRT records each important node of the enterprise’s production and operation in the form of data indicators, formulates and standardizes digital models of specific indicators, and lays a data foundation for transformation; then "data processing". Based on the collected data, HPRT builds an algorithm model with business characteristics, and continuously inputs enterprise data to realize model iteration; finally, "data application", HPRT uses data to make some decisions, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the accuracy of decision-making.

Through the digital transformation of enterprise business models, business processes, and enterprise organizations, HPRT has begun to gradually use enterprise operation data to achieve better user experience, higher organizational efficiency, and faster market response. It has been greatly optimized, which has accelerated cost reduction and improved the efficiency of enterprise operations.

Comprehensive reform and digitalization to create a new growth engine for HPRT

In the past year, raw material costs, labor costs, and logistics costs have continued to rise, and many companies have not been able to withstand high pressures, resulting in a sharp decline in performance. In this context, HPRT’s performance has not declined but increased. Many home printer products have achieved impressive results with monthly sales of tens of thousands of units and an MoM growth of more than 50%, which is inseparable from HPRT’s digital reform.

HPRT production workshop

Taking production as an example, digital empowerment has changed the traditional production mode of manual supervision. And the whole process of HPRT product testing, production verification, and assembly. Digital solutions that are adapted to the printed products record the data of every process in the production. Whether the production process is not normal, what risks are there, and how to optimize it, everything is calculated through data. The real-time feedback data brings better production plans, lower risk probability, and higher product quality to the factory. It improves production efficiency and saves the labor cost of the enterprise.

On the marketing side, based on the user and market data collected by big data technology, HPRT customizes and produces personalized products that meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. At the same time, the user data was collected and precipitated by the new marketing. HPRT uses it as the production factor, and further gains insight into and excavates user needs. And it also deconstructs the complex marketing network and upgrades the decision-making process of 3W: which products and services are provided for which user groups in what way.

It is known that the comprehensive digitalization of an enterprise is a long and arduous process. Currently, HPRT is still in the early stage of digital transformation, and there is still a long way to go. However, it is foreseeable that, by completing the digital transformation of the business model, organizational structure, technical management, corporate culture, and personnel composition, HPRT will grow in the wave of digitalization with an efficient, agile, and rapid development speed. Leading China’s printing industry to the world.

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