Understand the Types of Coding Machines

2022-08-16 17:27

The coding machine is mainly used to print the expiry date, best before date, barcode, and other numbers or texts on the product packaging. At present, there are many types of coding machines on the market, and the corresponding machine should be selected according to different needs. This article will introduce the types of coding machines.

Coding Machines

According to the degree of automation, coding machines can be divided into manual coding machines, semi-automatic coding machines, and fully automatic coding machines;

Manual coding machines

Manual coders are usually only suitable for small-scale production runs because they rely on manual operation. Such coders include traditional hot stamping machines, ink pads, or self-adhesive cylinder coders, etc., and are typically used by small manufacturers for small-scale product production.

Semi-automatic coding machines

Semi-automatic coding solutions are electronically driven automatic coding, but are not integrated into automatic supply lines, which means that the infeed and collection of products must be done manually.

Automatic coding machine

A fully automatic coding machine usually consists of a printing device and a control device. Users edit the printing content on the control device, and when the product runs along the production line, the production date, expiration date, QR code, etc. can be printed on the product without any operator intervention. Fully automatic batch coders are the first choice for mass production or automated production lines.

According to whether or not to contact the printing medium, coding machines can be divided into contact coders and non-contact coders.

Contact coding machine

Contact coders make direct contact with the product or packaging surface being coded. Such coders include traditional rubber or metal stamps, as well as automatic thermal transfer coders (TTO).

Non-contact coding machine

Non-contact coders do not come into direct contact with the surface of the product or packaging being coded, but use technologies such as laser or inkjet to print the code. Contactless coding machines are suitable for printing batch codes that require frequent changes. Non-contact coders include continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet printers, and laser coders.

To sum up, you can choose different types of coding printers according to your business needs. If you are a large factory or a packaging solutions provider, the thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) is a type of coding machine not to be missed. It can be used as a batch coding printers or date coding printers. TTO integrates the advantages of high-speed printing, high degree of automation, good printing effect, and durability, and can meet the batch number printing needs of large-scale production lines.

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