Powerful Roll-To-Roll Digital Fabric Printer: High-Productivity & High-Intelligence DA188S

2023-03-15 10:15

During the COVID epidemic, the home décor industry has undergone some growth. And digital roll-to-roll fabric printing has gained more traction for its benefits since then. Now roll-to-roll digital printer manufacturers have always tried hard to improve their products to meet the various needs of customers. Today we will get you a quick look at the digital roll to roll printer and present to you one of our powerful roll-to-roll inkjet printers - HPRT DA188S.

What is a digital roll-to-roll printer?

A digital roll-to-roll printer is a specialized printing machine used for printing digital high-quality designs on the rolls of fabric materials through inkjet technology. It applies ink directly to the fabric without the use of transfer paper.

Compared with conventional textile printing, digital roll-to-roll fabric printing offers you more flexibility and quick turnaround time. And this advanced printing technology allows for precise and consistent printing of detailed graphics, images, and patterns on a range of fabrics, including polyester, cotton, silk, and blends.

These printers are widely used in various industries, such as fashion, home décor, and soft signage. They can print on large rolls of fabric with high speed and accuracy and enable manufacturers to produce customized textiles at a faster pace and with greater flexibility.

How to choose the right roll to roll printer?

Roll-to-roll digital fabric printers are often used in factories for textile printing and production. They can be integrated into the production process to allow for faster printing and more efficient use of materials, helping factories to improve their productivity and reduce waste.

Below is a list of factors you need to consider when choosing the right ones.

--Printing quality

--Fabric compatibility

--Speed and productivity

--Ink type

--Size and footprint


The printing quality should come first, as this will directly impact the effects of the final products. Different fabrics require various printing methods and ink types. Make sure that the printer you choose can deal with the types of fabrics you intend to print on.

Please take into consideration the speed at which the printer can produce prints and the amount of fabric it can handle at once. This will affect your production capacity and turnaround times. Think about the size of the printer and the space it requires, especially if you have limited floor space in your facility. The cost of the printer is, of course, a critical factor to consider. It is important to balance your budget constraints with your printing needs to find the most suitable option for your business.

Highly recommended HPRT DA188S

HPRT is one of the world-leading leading innovator and manufacturer engaged in designing and manufacturing many types of printers, such as POS printers, barcode printers, photo printer, mobile printers, and fabric printers. We are committed to offering our customers products combined with advanced technology, superior quality, competitive price, and worry-free services.

High-speed Conveying-belt Direct to Fabric Digital Textile Printer

The HPRT DA188S, which was independently designed and developed by HPRT, is a high-production roll-to-roll digital fabric printer with outstanding performance.

printing effects by the roll-to-roll printer DA188S&DA188S

1.High performance

As a crucial part of roll-to-roll fabric printers, the print head applies the ink to the fabric, which directly impacts the quality and resolution of printed designs. And high-quality print heads can print at faster speeds while still maintaining excellent print quality.

The HPRT DA188S is equipped with 32 Kyocera industrial-grade print heads, with a print speed of up to 1080 square meters per hour. It maximizes the productivity of the inkjet print head through the special combination and the control systems, which enables you to fulfill massive orders easily. Furthermore, the HPRT DA188S has a 600dpi output quality, delivering sharp images and crisp patterns. This powerful printer races against time and offers superb effects!

2.Intelligent designs & modular structure

The HPRT DA188S adopts a modular structure, rendering it possible to replace and maintain specific systems quickly and easily. Multiple intelligent systems, such as automatic print head cleaning, automatic moisturizing and automatic conveying-belt cleaning, simplify operations, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs. You may watch the video below and get a quick understanding of the HPRT DA188S regarding these features.

3.Wide application

Through the unique driver design and ink supply system design, the HPRT DA188S roll-to-roll inkjet printer can use a variety type of inks, such as acid ink, reactive ink, and water-based pigment ink, making it possible for you to print customized designs on a wide range of fabrics.


In the future, there is likely to be greater demand for customized prints, and digital roll-to-roll printing is no exception. Meanwhile, a greater focus on sustainable printing practices will advance the development of eco-friendly inks and substrates. HPRT has been ready to face these challenges and will always be providing our customers with high-quality products and efficient solutions.

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