Portable Shipping Label Printers Features

2022-08-25 17:52

logistics industry

With the rapid growth of domestic and international e-commerce in recent years, the logistics industry is also developing rapidly. The demand for portable printers has also increased greatly. Delivery men are an important part of the logistics and transportation process. Basically, every delivery man will carry this small portable shipping label printer at work for tickets, shipping labels, and address labels printing.

Since the logistics industry often requires outdoor operations, portable shipping label printers are a good helper for delivery men, and post stations staff. The handheld label printer has the following main features.

portable shipping label printers


Compared to desktop shipping label printers, portable shipping label printers have a higher need for wireless connectivity as they need to be used frequently for outdoor operations. Currently, the most common outdoor shipping printers are Bluetooth label printers.

shipping label printer

Small Size

The mobile address label printer for express delivery is compact. You can hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket. Making shipping label printing boundless.

portable label printer

Long battery life, support rechargeable battery charging

As delivery men often need to run around for door-to-door pickup, delivery of mail parcels, etc., and can not guarantee that the power outlet can be used to charge the printer at any time and anywhere. And this requires a strong range of courier printers, and needs to be equipped with a charging interface that can be connected to mobile power, in order to keep the printer can be powered at any time when working outside, to avoid the loss of information caused by the lack of pieces, missing pieces, and Affect the efficiency of couriers to send and receive express mail.

label printer


In addition, collides, drops are often seen in the logistics industry. Therefore, the special printer for express delivery also needs to have the characteristics of drop resistance.

HPRT is a professional mobile printer manufacturer and supplier and has been supplying portable printers for many logistics companies such as SF, China Unicom, Yunda and Postal EMS, etc. If you need to consult the Bluetooth shipping printers and are interested in becoming a distributor or reseller, please leave us a message, and our team will contact you soon.

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