Guide to Food Prep Labeling and Printers

2024-02-02 16:10

Have you ever wondered how a busy restaurant kitchen keeps track of food freshness and safety? The secret lies in food prep labeling. Restaurant and hotel kitchen staff need to swiftly mark and label various food containers, jars, and bins with rotation and date stickers. Traditional handwritten food labels are often inefficient and hard to decipher. Today, we're introducing a high-performance food prep label printer, designed to help back-of-house staff efficiently manage all aspects of food prep.

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Food Prep Labeling in the Back Kitchens and Restaurants

Food prep labeling significantly enhances kitchen efficiency and safety. The items on these food prep labels often include:

1. Product Name or Description

2. Preparation Date

3. Use-By or Expiration Date

4. Employee Name or Initials

5. Temperature Storage Instructions

Kitchen staff can easily implement first-in, first-out (FIFO) practice with the help of detailed food date stickers and food rotation labels. 

Furthermore, these stock rotation labels offer chefs and staff immediate, clear insights into the freshness and safety of ingredients, preventing foodborne illnesses and meeting health standards.

Choosing the Right Food Prep Label Printer 

In the bustling back kitchens of hotels and commercial establishments, the food prep process is intensely busy. Efficient tools are essential, especially for food prep labeling. 

The traditional method of handwriting food rotation labels is not only slow but also prone to errors and non-compliance, often requiring a time-consuming rewrite. Nowadays, many kitchens have shifted to using food prep label printers, a change that significantly streamlines this crucial task.

Although there are many types of label printers, a thermal label printer stands out as a top choice due to its fast speed, high-quality printing, and user-friendly operation.

HPRT SL32 3 inch Thermal Label Printer.png

Here, we recommend the HPRT SL32 3-inch Thermal Label Printer, a high-speed, feature-rich food label printing tool. This commercial kitchen label printer employs direct thermal printing technology, which eliminates the need for ribbons or ink, making it both economical and efficient. It has many features, including:

1. Wireless Printing

HPRT SL32 3 inch Thermal Label Printer offers wireless printing.png

This kitchen date label printer supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for cable-free connection to various mobile devices, such as phones and iPads. 

Prep staff need only press a few buttons to swiftly print a range of stock rotation labels and kitchen date stickers with clear date details for processed meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and various semi-finished products. And this thermal printer's compact size allows for flexible placement in the kitchen area.

2. High-quality Printing

The SL32 food label maker is compatible with label paper rolls ranging from 25mm to 80mm in width. It can handle thermal labels, transparent stickers, waterproof labels, and more. 

HPRT SL32 3 inch Thermal Label Printer with many label detections.png 

Equipped with black mark and gap detection technology, the SL32 ensures accurate positioning and prevents misalignment during batch printing. The labels produced are crisp and sharp, meeting food industry standards.

HPRT provides a range of high-quality thermal labels in various sizes, such as 30x50mm, 50x70mm, and 70x90mm. The food labels are waterproof and oil-resistant, keeping food date stickers clear even when exposed to moisture and grease. They stick well to various surfaces, including plastic storage bins, stainless steel food containers, and glass jars, and stay in place reliably.

3. Convenient Label Designing

Users can access to free label design app 'HereLabel', that’s for iOS and Android phones and other mobile devices. This app features a variety of retail and food label templates and formats, catering to your restaurant's needs.

free label design app HereLabel provides lots of label templates.png

This label design app pairs with the SL32 to form a complete food prep labeling system. Back-of-house staff just find the right label template, edit it simply, and print the desired labels. 

cloud storage of label templates.png

For frequently used templates, the app also supports cloud storage, making it convenient for staff to access and print when needed.

The SL32 thermal label printer is suitable for restaurants, hotels, delis and sandwich shops, bakeries and pastry shops, and other food service establishments. It supports one-click driver installation, requiring no additional setup, very user-friendly.

In short, the SL32 is a high-performance food prep label printer, producing high-quality stock rotation labels and kitchen date stickers. It helps kitchens meet health standards and maintain a safe dining environment. Coupled with its powerful HereLabel app, this food prep labeling system further enhances kitchen efficiency.

We welcome interested bulk buyers and distributors, and clients needing customization to contact us. We will provide a professional, complete food prep labeling system tailored to your needs.

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