Introduction to QR Codes and QR Code Printers

2022-07-30 09:22

QR code, short for “Quick Response Code”, is a matrix two-dimensional code, which was developed by a Japanese automobile company, Denso Wave, in 1994 and the main inventor of QR code, Masahiro Hara has become known as the “Father of QR Code”.

As the name shows, this two-dimensional code can be quickly read and recognized and has ultra-high-speed and all-round reading characteristics. This is a machine-readable optical barcode, which is capable of containing a lot of information about the item to which it is attached to. Due to its large capacity of data and the convenience of reading, the QR code is currently widely used in my country.

QR Codes Pros

Large capacity for data storage

Traditional barcodes can only handle about 20 bits of information, while QR codes can handle dozens to hundreds of times as much information as 1D barcodes. In addition, QR codes can support more types of data (such as numbers, English letters, Japanese letters, Chinese characters, symbols, binary, control codes, etc.).

Small footprint for data processing

Since the QR code can store the data both in the vertical and horizontal direction of the barcode, the space occupied by the QR code is only about one-tenth of the liner barcode for the same amount of information.

Strong anti-fouling ability

QR codes have an “error correction” function. In most cases, even if some QR codes printed via qr code label printer are contaminated or damaged, the data can be recovered with this function.

All-round reading and identification

QR codes can be quickly read in any direction from 360°. The key to achieving this advantage lies in the three positioning patterns in the QR code. These positioning marks can help the scanner eliminate the interference of the background pattern when scanning the barcode and achieve fast and stable reading.

Data merge function

QR codes can divide into 16 QR codes, and multiple divided codes can be combined into a single QR code. This feature allows QR codes to be printed in narrow areas without affecting the stored information.

Application of QR code printers

At present, QR codes are widely used in logistics management, warehousing management, commodity traceability, mobile payment, and many other fields. QR codes are also used in daily life, such as for bus, subway, WeChat business cards.

Thermal Label Printer

With the increasing popularity of QR codes, qr code label printer for printing QR code have become indispensable. At present, barcode printers on the market generally support QR codes printing.

The logistic printers, barcode label printers, desktop barcode printers, and mobile printers independently developed by HPRT can print clear QR codes on labels or receipts.

HPRT is a professional QR code printer manufacturer. If you need any help, please contact us. We will provide more information about QR code printer products and solutions for you.

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